The Patriot Post® · Tax Complaints Abound – Sound-Byte Solutions

By Albert Maslar ·

Everybody’s talkin’ at me; nobody hears a word I’m sayin’; only the echoes of my mind. Complaints about government abuses abound but solutions are the constant blaring of meaningless sound-bytes that make one feel good while nothing changes, but continuation of the same ole same ole.

No one seems to know the solution cannot be achieved unless the problem is first defined and understood. That part is easy; too few taxpayers, too few jobs, and too few politicians if any, to emulate the original Founders who risked life, liberty, and property to form this near perfect Republic, NOT Democracy, United States of America.

Leaders are liars first, and use golden tongues to make themselves appear to be patriots when in fact they are traitors. Republican House Speaker John Boehner is upset about the impossible process of extracting truth from administration officials that hide behind the cloak of secrecy in their blatant refusal to honestly testify for the who, what, why, when, and where of unlawful government actions against the people and the Constitution.

Boehner is upset and beside himself as he threatens that, “Someone is going to jail.” All talk and no action Boehner is a linchpin holding problems hostage, insuring that they go no further than pretentious talk. Try getting in touch with Boehner via e-mail and the message returned is some sort of denial of access, or the mailbox is full. Ditto for Paul Ryan and his pretentious doomed to failure tax plans that actually increase spending. Add Senators Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham to the mix and it is difficult to determine who is on one team or the other as these troublemakers all wear the same uniforms.

Many pretentious e-mails circulate, documenting the punishable illegal actions of government officials, but no solutions are offered; no one will be prosecuted, let alone go to jail. Boehner refuses to look in the mirror and declare himself to be the chief culprit as from the beginning of his ascendancy to the Speakership and the huge gavel former Speaker Nancy Pelosi mockingly gave him, Boehner can be summed up in his own cowardly words, “I want to live to fight another day.” And so it came to be that perpetual kicking the fiscal can down the road became the modus operandi of a coward and traitor.

Stipulated that the country needs jobs that feed tax revenues into the coffers while removing workers from the public 47% welfare trough, a double benefit. The National Debt is $17 trillion and rising like Pillsbury Dough in a warm moist room. Not all unemployed workers can get jobs in one fell swoop, but up to fifty thousand good jobs could be created by the already cleared Keystone XL Pipeline, but for false objections of environmentalists and the Obama complicit EPA that constantly writes job-killing regulations. Obama talks about his thinking about it but that is a lying delaying ploy, as he is in his sixth year of thinking about it. XL is easy, just the stroke of his famous pen, and no government funding needed. Despite abuse of power, Obama still complains that he is constrained by the Constitution. One job-creation program at a time, but something at a time versus nothing at a time.

Obama has repeatedly openly declared that he cannot wait for Congress, and takes legislative matters into his own hands as proven by his unceasing arbitrary unconstitutional changes to his ObamaCare and its implementation or not. His refusal to unblock job creation is proven by his own words and actions, anti-job; guilty as charged.

Complaints abound but solutions are limited to just sound-bytes. The reason there is complacency about government inadequacies is that half the people pay no taxes, removing any urgency for involvement to voice their complaints. The only way to get all to pay taxes is not reform of income taxes that turns out to be window-dressing that accomplishes nothing, since reform does not change the fact that half do not or will not pay income taxes.

That leaves but one option, a consumption or sales tax. Naysayers pout “No new taxes,” or “Taxes always go up,” but there is no other way, or as some put the solution as being nothing short of revolution. A 3% National Sales Tax (NST) would charge all transactions by every individual, entity, and organization, be they personal, business, corporation, profit, not-for-profit, or government; with no exceptions or exclusions for resale, personal, education, religious, political, or any other type of organization or activity.

NST will spread the tax burden to all residents legal or not, all income legal or not, and all income would be equal with no exceptions or special treatment, and with everyone pulling the lesser load, final achievement of the Obama FAIRNESS and PROGRESS agendas. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,” and that is a prevailing rationale, as there are too many who think a magic wand will somehow eliminate the $17 trillion, closer to $100 trillion real debt according to accounting standards.

NST on stock market transactions should be set at a paltry Three Mills beating the International movement toward the inevitability of this type of tax. This Three Mill stock market transaction tax will inhibit the negative and controversial effects of High Frequency Trading (HFT) that causes artificial volatility, benefitting only logarithm-generated bets placed by professional profit scalpers and executed in milliseconds, processes never available to traditional investors.

Allocation of NST should be one-third each to Budget, National Debt, and Universal MediCare (UMC) for all legal residents. Simplified Income Tax would result in lower effective tax rates. Tax on Income of $100,000 would be reduced to 2.74%., plus a maximum $3,000 Sales Tax, making it still cheaper than current ObamaCare premiums alone. Effective tax rate on Taxable Income of $1 million would be reduced to 7.47%. Effective tax rate on Taxable Income of $1 billion would be reduced to 19.88%. Adequate NST collections or achievement of the declared purposes would sunset the revised income taxes and the IRS forever. Note that the reduced tax table rates combined with the added benefit of UMC means that everyone pays less as healthcare carries a tremendous cost.

UMC automatically eliminates most State Medicaid benefit requirements, costs, and overhead. State Medicaid mandated costs are virtually eliminated, reducing State budget shortfalls and tax requirements. According to a 7/6/2010 analysis by Attorney Lanny Davis as published in The Hill, and reflected in HR Bill HR 4646 offered by Philadelphia Congressman Chaka Fattah, shows there were $755 trillion in total transactions in the U.S. in 2008; $443 Trillion if exempting stock transactions.

Copy of complete 3-page Tax and Universal MediCare Plan to replace ObamaCare & 6-Page Plan To Fix It All, are available from [email protected]