The Patriot Post® · 'United,' NOT United

By Albert Maslar ·

The fabled “United States” of America no longer exists, nor will it ever again, as there is no unifying principle to keep united in “United.” America is divided on everything from “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” to culture and fast food. Half the country is “fer” while half is “agin.” Name any subject from war, religion, politics, weather, apple pie, motherhood, and everything in between, and the United States is divided.

Candidate Barack Obama claimed to be the great uniter but his actions prove him to be the de facto divider. Every belief, tradition, value, and traditional view, including marriage as between one man and one woman, has been turned on its head. Now someone who claims to be Christian is its worst open antagonizer. President Barack Hussein Obama has a flagrant disrespect for Christianity, human life, family, and not surprisingly, the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Obama is free to follow any religion he chooses, but when he lies about it – that he is Christian while disrespecting it – he leans most reverently and heavily Muslim; that may be the time to worry as to what Obama is hiding and for what devious purpose. Obama is following the principles of divide and conquer, for it is vastly easier to conquer a divided enemy than to conquer a united enemy, and so progresses the division of the United States of America. Sadly, the majority of Americans are oblivious to their passive enabling role in the process of their own destruction and enslavement.

The less than supreme Supreme Court elevated money to the level of personhood by allowing virtually unlimited business contributions to political causes. Money, though always in control, has absolute dominion over American politics that places the value of money above that of blood.

That is nothing new – 2,000 years ago Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver, the ultimate proof that humans value money more than the life of the truly Anointed One, who gave not money, but His own Blood, His own Life, to save all of humanity that still values money higher than blood. America is kicking and screaming in defiance, denying the helping hand of the only One who can truly help save the country from eternal doom.

Naysayers can naysay all they want, but what else is there to hang our collective hats on? Good Friday is tomorrow, and it is “Good” because on that day the sins of the world were atoned for with the Blood of the innocent Lamb of God, and on the third day, followed by Easter Sunday and Resurrection from death to life, that might be equated to Ripley’s “Believe it or not,” but at one’s own peril.

Everyone buys insurance for cars and homes in particular, but only the unfortunate few collect, and the others feel the protection, though not used, was worth it for mental security and peace of mind. And so it is with the Christian Savior, “Eternal Life Insurance,” that might be without merit in the eyes of many, is worth it just in case for peace of mind. It is like questions raised about efficacy of Jewish chicken soup to cure a cold: “It can’t hurt.”

This is epitomized as tens of thousands of American veterans of undeclared wars, revolutions, and skirmishes around the world, are left high and dry to medically fend for themselves and their catastrophic injuries received while carrying out unlawful orders of presidents since the end of WWII. General and then President Ike Eisenhower warned against minions of the money-grubbing Military Industrial Complex that foster war for profit, sacrifice of innocent blood notwithstanding.