The Patriot Post® · Perversity of Diversity

By Albert Maslar ·

Thanks to Glenn Quiggle for the headline that says it all; just fill in your own endless details and draw your own conclusions.

“Diversity” is defined as/the quality or state of having many different forms, types, ideas, etc.: the state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group.

“Perversity” is defined as 1: a: turned away from what is right or good; corrupt; b: improper, incorrect; c: contrary to the evidence or the direction of the judge on a point of law <perverse verdict. 2 a: obstinate in opposing what is right, reasonable, or accepted: wrongheaded; b: arising from or indicative of stubbornness or obstinacy. 3: marked by peevishness or petulance.

Perversity of diversity and “Divide et Impera” – divide and conquer – are tools of U.S. imperialists that obviously hate America, but Americans insist on putting and keeping them in power. Lemmings prove themselves to be political lemons that are not even suitable for lemonade.

Perversity of diversity is the benchmark of the Liberal Obama administration from the top down to much of the so-called 47% that pay no taxes, and accept social injustices of abortion on demand at opposing taxpayer expense, and flagrant in-your-face homosexual behavior. Both injustices are crimes against humanity and are in defiance of nature that “Earth Day” enthusiasts proclaim as they religiously substitute nature for God, who in fact designed and created nature.

The 47% problem is attacked by dozens of tax code revisionists who claim to have a plan to fix inequities of the massive undecipherable tax code. Their solutions create the conundrum of the Flat Tax, Fair Tax, Ryan Tax, or any form of revision of the present Income Tax Code, that no matter how or what, is that the tax problem remains where it is, a situation in which only half pay tax while the other half, you know, the status quo of exactly what we already have, and that is the conundrum. There is one viable tax solution, and that is a National 3% no-exemption, no-exception Sales Tax, 3-page copy of which is available by e-mail from [email protected]

One more vital thought or not, with all due respect to Pope Francis who is Jesuit who are “educators.” Perhaps Pope Francis should first pay attention to American Jesuit Universities, 22 of 25 of which are no longer considered to be “catholic.” Francis should clean his own Jesuit house first before he conspires with Obama to cleanse America ala Obama style as regards equality of wages.

Jesus fed 5,000 and they wanted to make him king, but Jesus left them high and dry to fend for themselves. Jesus fed them once and sent them home. Francis should rethink his income inequality that has since the beginning of time been unequal as equality is only in the eyes of God the Creator. God ejected Adam and Eve from the Garden of Paradise, ordering that “By the sweat of thy brow will thy earn thy bread.”

But modern elitists – always moderns, to those living in their own age – all think they are gods that invented every form of sex. Humans have been there, done that, as “There is nothing new under the sun.”

Half of Americana are being fed by Obama and made him de facto king, TWICE. Bible axioms like good wine seem to become truer with age. “Physician heal thyself… Do not repair an old garment with patches cut from the new, else both are ruined… Do not put new wine into old skins.”

Life is too short to define oneself as a bald-faced liar in face of indisputable facts of nature and science. Police should not use lethal force in family arguments, absent of lethal weapons themselves.

Islam and the Muslim world of the 57 nations is constantly at war that is pointless, mindless, stupid, and non-productive, to take sides when in the end both sides will be antagonistic to the interloper nations that tried to help. Case in point: Look to any U.S. involvement in the Middle East from Africa to Pakistan and the Philippines. It is painfully apparent that both sides hate America. Afghanistan and Iraq openly hate and despise American interference in their affairs, and perhaps rightly so, in that these oxymoronic wars were preemptive wars to prevent war. So much for higher education of America’s prestigious Ivy League institutions (in the worst sense of the word) that have been leaders in production of malfunctioning presidents and political leaders.

Republican war hawks led by Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham DEMAND immediate military action wherever they can point a finger, particularly against Iran and North Korea.

The simple bottom line is that around the world, there are two forces at work, one to secede from their country and the other the exact opposite, to reunite with what was once their country, as particularly evidenced by Russia President Vladimir Putin who has already annexed Crimea before U.S. President Barack Obama could finish a round of golf.

Putin puts all at ease as he denies his aspiration to annex the Ukraine, leaving their status to free elections, an oxymoron in that part of the world and probably already so in America. Putin is like Obama in that when either says they will not do something, it may be because it is already fait accompli.

Secede, annex, or reunite, are the world order of the day, and for America to be caught up in this represents the culmination of a suicide death wish. America should get its own house in order before it inflicts its false values upon the world. Obama has no business forcing abortion and homosexuality upon the world, unless he is truly evil. Bad enough to do it in his own country, but to export it with accompanying financial taxpayer-funded bribes proves the motives of the man; someone to be feared.

Lincoln was only theoretically right in his Famous 1863 Gettysburg Address: “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.” The Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is directly complicit in the demise of the American political system and the lofty words of Lincoln, which despite protestations, is perishing before our unbelieving eyes. It is no longer the people, but the money, as the 300 million population is dwarfed by the FED trillion dollar annual printed money that obliterates the voting power of the people. He who controls the money controls the people, and any other interpretation in the society and culture of the 21st century is in denial.

Congress is no better as the blatant spendthrifts shamelessly flush the inheritance of future generations down the proverbial drain. One minor key example in that laid-off non-essential government workers are retroactively paid after new spending limits are approved, despite the fact that a good many applied for and received unemployment benefits during the interim, and in a true layoff, should not be paid for laid-off-time.

Another example understandable by all, involves education as regards to school vouchers, guaranteeing school districts will not lose funding caused by transfer of voucher students out of the local public school system, as they will receive the same funding as if those transferred students were still in their classrooms. These are but trivial examples of why the SYSTEM cannot be fixed, because politicians will not allow anything to get fixed. Wrongs are carved in stone, creating accumulated debt that will eventually sink America down into the depths. Whatever expenditure once authorized is forever, no questions asked, no sunset clause, only more waste than at ground fills.

Lo and behold, there is one more thing. There is always one more thing. A plan, now stealthily making its way through state legislatures with astonishing speed would junk the Electoral College and award the presidency to the winner of the popular vote. States would commit electors pledged to vote for the national popular vote winner regardless of how their own state voted. When enough states pass this law, sufficient to cast 270 votes that is the majority of the Electoral College, it will take effect and America will be governed by unknown powers, much as it is today. The Electoral College will join the Constitution and Bill of Rights in antiquity.

Because they are four hours behind the East Coast, California and the Western Pacific States will be pressured to get out 200% of the vote, thus guaranteeing Democrat extreme Liberal control ad infinitum.

Nine states with 136 electoral votes have joined, half of the 270 needed to put the compact into effect. The ratifying states are Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Hawaii, Washington, Massachusetts, the District of Columbia, Vermont, California, and Rhode Island. New York is merely waiting for the signature of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

This compact passed in the House in Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Oregon. With the addition of New York and the approving nine states, represents 242 of the 270 votes needed to guarantee the presidency to –drum roll – the Democratic candidate. All ratifying states voted for Obama, and rumor has it that beyond über rich George Soros is behind this hostile benign takeover of U.S. government.

Regardless of this way, that way, or the other way, the dirge is well past the time of theory. The Founding Fathers established the Electoral College at the 1787 Constitutional Convention, and officially elects the president and vice president of the United States. “Electors” are chosen by popular vote on a state-by-state basis but times are a-changin’ as threatened by Obama. This impostor signed a 535-0 bill into law prohibiting a 9/11 perpetrator from being approved for the U.N. council in New York City, but the mad scientist claims the law is only a suggestion and he can do what he will, declaring himself to be a de facto dictator. Only in America! Is this a great country or what?