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Letter to Speaker John Boehner

Larry Reams · May 1, 2014

Mr. Speaker,

The evidence is in. You are now as complicit in the Benghazi cover up as are any in the White House or State Department.

It was obvious from day-one, knowing the propensity of this President and administration to lie and cover up every scandal, that they were not being honest with the American people on the incident in Benghazi. Anyone not of the beltway mentality could see it clearly. There is no trust of this President by We The People. After a few months into the Benghazi congressional investigation, when you were not getting answers, not getting requested documents, getting lots of stalling, that a Select Committee was the appropriate action to take. Obvious to everyone except John Boehner.

Days, weeks, months roll by. Members of congress calling for the Select Committee. 189 have signed on to that request. Groups across America calling for it. Citizens writing you and their Representative to call for – in droves. Poll results showed Americans didn’t trust the administration by large numbers and did want the select committee. But in John Boehner’s infinite wisdom through procrastinate, make excuses, stall and delay, you succeeded in not doing the right thing, not upholding your Oath of Office, not “leading,” YOU became a roadblock to truth and accountability. Now, with the release of the Rhodes email, obtained by an independent group through court action, not anything you or congress did, we find the link to the White House that everyone knew had to exist; the so called “smoking gun.”

YOU, Mr. Speaker, have egg all over your face. You have proven yet again your lack of leadership. You have shown the face of political elitism and the root cause of 90% of the problems facing America today – politicians. Some politicians create the messes, other politicians, all part of the same brotherhood, fail to take the appropriate action to stop it or clean it up. This cover up has gone on now for 18 months, largely because YOU lacked the courage to do what everyone knew had to be done.

Mr. Speaker, YOU must do two things before you take your next breadth: (1) Appoint the Select Committee to investigate Benghazi. (2) Issue Articles of Impeachment against President Obama. If you don’t have the stones for that, you are not worthy of being Speaker and should resign immediately.

(Mr. Reams is a Christian, senior citizen, family man, veteran, and a retired small business owner.

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