The Patriot Post® · Donald Sterling: Two-Edged Sword for Blacks

By Albert Maslar ·

The saying, "What goes around comes around,“ may be a tough play for the predominantly black National Basketball Association (NBA) players who are loud in their persistence that racist comments by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling are intolerable. So let us wait and see how that applies to many black athletes, particularly baseball, basketball and football that sports predominately black faces, though they only constitute about 17% of the total population. If the shoe were on the other foot, and it once was, blacks would, and have screamed "racism." The fallacy is that black athletes are united against racist comments of Sterling, but many of them have histories of racial remarks – and worse.

The media has gone wildly out of control with this racial issue. Sterling is in his eighties, and appears to be a doddering old fool as we all are, or eventually will be. The man seems lost without a young woman at his side, and is not about to become a poster boy or role model for younger sets. What Sterling said in his remarks about black people cannot be simply excused, though that might not be a bad idea, as the hysterical feeding frenzy by black and white celebrities alike might indicate a deeper problem than that of racist remarks by someone much past the twilight of his life.

Racism is a multifaceted condition that excludes no one, as there will always be a minority that exercises racism against minority and majority alike. Technically pure racism falls into the category of "sin," but moderns do not recognize sin except as a relic from unknowing generations. The anomaly is that life is considered to be so worthless that 1.2 million babies have been brutally and savagely "aborted,” sanitized word for "killed,“ but over half the population close their eyes and ignore the holocaust that exceeds the excesses of Hitler who is responsible for killing six million Jews and millions of Christians.

Adding insult to injury, a human phenomenon, these aborted babies are human, look human and act human in the womb with measurable brain activity, are inhumanely disposed of, and the latest is that they are burned up in incinerators for energy. Operators of those facilities tell of all the blood that they cannot completely remove, as there is always more. Racism is in fact Planned Parenthood that was founded by Margaret Sanger to eliminate undesirables, code word for "blacks” who refuse to face that reality.

Mr. Obama is a devotee of the concept of fairness but with all due respect, Harvard and the Ivy League universities know little about when it comes to recognizing and protecting human life in the womb. The developing child is completely unprotected and defenseless, and American jurisprudence emphasizes the need to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

America has a black President, seemingly impossible a scant six years ago, and a black Attorney General to uphold the law of the land, albeit some of those laws need serious reworking or outright repeal. America has grown older but like various millennial types of the day, has grown up, but has not matured.

Mr. Black President has turned out to be the worst enemy of the black community in that what is needed are jobs. But the man has been killing jobs with ObamaCare and its job-killing rules and regulations. Then he blocked jobs that were there for the taking, like massive jobs that would result from okaying the already EPA approved Keystone XL Pipeline along with oil and gas exploration on federal lands that were taken from the states. Black unemployment is double that of whites while it is worse for young black men.

There is no pride in true values. Anything goes if it feels good, and wrongs are consigned to the lowest basement, and tolerated in the interest of the religion of pure tolerance that is intolerant.

America marches on, iPhone always in hand, always connected to the latest racism or other trivial scandal of the day, that like one-a-day vitamins, keeps the real scandals at bay. There is no answer except that deep dark dragons are in charge, Satan and his minions, creating distracting tumult to protect the powers that be – powers doing the dastardly. These must be satanic times, else why is there always something, even a missing Malaysian Flight MH370 plane that disappeared on March 8, but valid urgent news is ignored to give a soft-brained populace their diversion from reality.

Scandals abound in the administration that has no shame as it undercuts the Constitution, Bill of Rights and all that is good, holy, or sacred. Benghazi, IRS, illegal wars and targeted killing across sovereign borders of countries America is not at war with are distressing problems. Unmanned drones killed 1,000 innocent men, women, and children in Pakistan alone, but are dismissed as "collateral damage" as though the administration is not responsible for known unintentional consequences. That is not what true American values are all about, but that is what has come to be acceptable in the interest of safety.

As with everything, what goes around comes around. Another 9/11 or worse should not be completely unexpected, as the seeds have been sown and are "Blowin’ in the wind.“ The United States are no longer united but suffers deep divides that have no magic glue to bind the country back together again. It is not a question of if, but when. What is needed is a return to faith, a return to God, a desire to repent and change, but that is a pipe dream, achievable only in movies and fiction. Repentance is out of the question as God and Christianity have been secularized and marginalized to the extent that the Obama Easter message included a potpourri of Islamic and world religions.