The Patriot Post® · We Are Not the Rebels

By Anton D. Rehling ·

“We the People” are not the rebels against our established limited and defined government of the United States of America. We are the people whose founders created a limited representative government to protect our rights and freedom. Our elected have rebelled against us in that they have ignored their job description re-defining their limits as representatives and protectors of our individual rights and freedom; they have expanded their job description through an abuse of power un-granted by our constitution. Our elected have redefined their title and job description from Representative to Benevolent Lawmaker’s, passing laws that increase their claim on our work and land, passing regulations through appointed Department heads that regulate all we do in our daily lives. We have arrived at the point, where the quote from Stalin’s side kick Beria, “Show me the man and I will show you the crime.” has arrived in the United States of America.

Those that have violated their oath have done so under the color of law; laws created by those oath violators to allow their ever increasing erosion of the foundation of our Freedom and Rights granted by our creator not government. Our elected have expanded their Power over the people through despotic created laws and regulation that define all we can and can’t do. Our elected have expanded tax collection to include all activity and all sources of revenue no matter how minuscule, a far cry from the origin of this current theft of our blood and sweat called the 16th Amendment. The 16th amendment started to feed the beast more than needed and the beast just got hungrier and so ravenous that the world would not be enough much less an unheard of excessive tax on a citizens earnings owed today to the Federal government in addition to all the other taxes and fees added to our burden to support the beast.

Our government has made it standard operating procedure to give away our nation’s wealth to 170 foreign countries robbing the citizens of the US of A of their wealth and seizing and redistributing our sweat to an ever increasing government dependent class created through their oppressive regulation, laws, taxation and spending, enslaving future generations to an unjustified astronomical government debt.

Those we have elected have committed treason and effectively orchestrated a Coup d'état, overthrowing our Constitutional Government, our freedom and rights through regulation, law and expanded taxation beyond what any Free Nation should endure; all enforced by the threat of the brute force of government by a more and more militarized civilian law enforcement and armed government Departments that are the government enforcers we will face for non-compliance. You had better follow your elected representatives, turned entrenched tyrants, dictates or you will be declared an enemy of the state, a criminal or domestic terrorist or worse yet, a conservative, far right wing extremist racist gun nut who uses evil words like Liberty, GOD granted Rights, limited government, tyranny and despots. We are instructed, we must comply, or we will get imprisoned or maybe die in resisting their dictates, and for sure loose a life time of hard work and possessions to our government masters claims on all we own because of the laws and regulation despots have declared the law of the land.

Our elected not only are able to orchestrate life time careers as government enforcers, but it is becoming more prevalent that the elected are passing the baton of power from one generation to the next generation of their families who are taught how to game the voters if in fact the election system isn’t too far gone.. Makes you wonder as to the validity of our election system and begin to believe the saying “it is not those who vote that decide an election; it is those who count the vote that decide elections”. There are many that are in the election departments that I am sure are easily bought off with bonuses, promotions and government appointments and some cash in the freezer to influence ballot count. This entrenchment of government elected must stop with term limits of just one term for Senator and two terms for Representatives. Reinstate the original intent of the 17th amendment.

All elected or government appointees or government employees that do not follow the constitutional limits are traitors to the principles of freedom this country was founded upon and traitors to “WE the People.” Our constitution is defined and is not open to wide and creative interpretation that our elective have done to justify their abuse of power.

We must restore out Rights and Freedom and those we elect must fulfill their obligation to “We the people” and not force us to feel compelled to water the tree of liberty with theirs and our blood. Many have come to the point that the choice “We the People” are being given by our elected is to leave what little wealth our children will inherit from us to them and not oppose tyrannical rule or fight and leave them with LIBERTY. The choice is getting clearer each passing day, Liberty or Death.