The Patriot Post® · Elections Do Not Work

By Albert Maslar ·

Never-ending two-year election cycles are a waste of time, energy and money, as the die is cast and compromise is the last word. How effective can compromise be when Satan, the father of lies, owns the U.S. federal government, lock, stock, and barrel?

It’s stipulated that Liberals are nearly 100% united in favor of their social agenda and constantly argue for Conservatives to “compromise,” but that word is not in the Liberal parlance and lexicon as brutally evidenced by slings and arrows emanating from the insufferable mouth of New York carpetbagger, Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Wasserman serves as official DNC mouthpiece whose chief function as Chair of the Democratic National Committee is to unashamedly, unabashedly and outrageously defend, protect and advance the Obama agenda, glorifying ObamaCare despite its current rejection by a majority of Democrats.

Wasserman knows not the meaning of the word compromise, and understands and promotes only complete surrender by Conservatives to the Liberal agenda, no matter how unconstitutional, debased, immoral, extensive and rampant are the administration’s many scandals.

On the other side of the coin are Conservative Superman types like Senator Rand Paul who has made an art form out of offering no-brainer Internet polls, surveys and petitions, immediately followed by requests for political contributions. On the surface that is well and good for Conservatives, but there is a caveat in that Rand has changed to Liberal ideas in order to win.

Rand relegated Pro-Life to the trunk of the political car, as he has likewise demoted issues of war, immigration, voter ID and executive powers. Rand Paul in no way is related to purist political concepts of his father, Ron Paul, who never deviated from his core beliefs as is his son Rand who is “A Man for All Seasons.” Like in the play, he struggles with ideas of identity and conscience. But the struggle is over and to no avail as Rand places winning above core beliefs, untrue to its essence and not free from adulterating or diluting influences.

Elections do not work for the people because if all else fails, there is the voting brigade represented by fixed election counts, rigged machines and write-ins that multiply faster than rabbits. The presidential elections of 2008 and 2012 were probably fraudulent, as was probably the 2000 election of President George W. Bush that was unprecedentedly decided by a faulty Supreme Court decision that stopped a Florida recount and HANDED the presidency to the younger Bush. The elder former President Bush had been head of the CIA and his influence, for better or worse, shaped the SCOTUS decision that perhaps robbed Al Gore of the presidency.

Elections, one way or the other, do not work. Though Congress may do nothing, unelected bureaucracies are busy multiplying regulations that effectively become de facto legislation. Principal offenders include the EPA, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Department of Education, and a host of agencies that incessantly legislate their own sets of regulations. Only lawyers benefit from these job-killers.

The following excerpt is taken from “The Flood” by Robin Waterfield.

When Rome was a republic, in the days before it was an empire, it was nevertheless an oligarchy ruled by a relatively small number of fabulously wealthy families. And the best way to gain or augment that tremendous wealth was through the plunder that came from being a victorious general. Rome was governed by an elite, with a relatively small number of families repeatedly holding a proportionately large number of senior offices.

Nearly 2,000 years later, and nothing seems to have changed much as incumbents, relatives and hangers-on, regardless of party affiliation, manage to seduce the American public just one more time. There is the revolving political door involving the Bush families, Clintons with borderline Generation X Millennial “ME” Generation, Chelsea who awaits her mother bowing out, gracefully or not, with Obama in the wings as a reprise of himself via a three-peat like FDR, or substituting his designee, wife Michelle.

Fifty percent of Americans choose not to vote, and those in particular should vote en masse to pull a 1982 Nancy Reagan, “Just say NO” (to drugs) and simply write-in “NO” for the candidate selected. Since half do vote, their vote is roughly split between two major parties. If just over half the non-voters turn out to vote “NO”, NO will win as traditional but united non-voters mathematically offset both parties as NO is united and the others are split, causing NO to win.

This easy unity against either candidate causes voter nullification, confronting government incumbents with a Constitutional crisis. That may be the only way to get the attention of political monopolies running roughshod over the people, as directly or indirectly, both parties are beholden to the same Great Satan. A designation by Middle East Islam describing the U.S. “NO” is a good word as the easy “YES” in acceptance of destructive social values of modern society and culture may be the kiss of death for the U.S.

Not to be dismissed is consideration of cost, as selecting and supporting third party candidates is expensive and encompasses unity and financial support for the same candidates across the entire spectrum of the fifty states, prohibitively costly and ineffective, as proven by apparent failure of the Tea Party to deliver on specific choices. “NO” is the universal unifying low-cost effective choice.