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Rep. Set to Propose Funds Cut for Paramilitary Units

Jerry McConnell · May 19, 2014

I, and I’m certain many of my readers, will agree when I say, “Kudos” to Cheryl K. Chumley and her employer, the Washington Times, for covering the story concerning the Utah Congressman, Chris Stewart who accordingly, “is mulling a measure to cut funding for any ‘paramilitary units’ that work for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other federal regulatory agencies.”

“There are lots of people who are really concerned when the BLM shows up with its own SWAT team,” Congressman Stewart said, the Salt Lake Tribune reported. “They’re regulatory agencies. They’re not paramilitary units, and I think that concerns a lot of us.”

Kudos also to you Congressman and yes it does concern a lot of others, many of whom I have talked with, and rightfully so in view of the recent happenings and suspicions of motives that the current Obama Administration have been unusually active in concerning probable attempts to purchase for government use millions upon millions of rounds of ammunition for handheld weapons without satisfactory explanation.

In Cheryl Chumley’s April 30, 2014 WATimes article, “Utah lawmaker moves to disarm BLM, IRS, says, ‘They’re not paramilitary units.’” Chumley goes on to say, “His mulled amendment to an appropriations bill comes in context of recent BLM actions against Mr. Bundy: The federal agents armed themselves and surrounded his property, tasered his son, closed down road access to the ranch and even shot a couple of his prize bulls. The reasons? Mr. Bundy hadn’t paid his grazing fees to the federal government, but rather fought the matter in court.”

I don’t care how much Mr. Bundy owes for grazing fees; I can’t sanction the tasering of ANY human and acting more like Hitler’s Germany-like Gestapo forces while shutting down public access to the ranch and shooting prize bulls of the alleged debtor to the U. S. government. Those are strong-armed bully tactics employed by criminals but not called for by mere regulators.

What was in the mind of the BLM Director or Head Person, Neil Kornze, former employee and old friend of U. S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid? Was this foray onto the Bundy property a prelude to driving the owner to abandon his land so Dirty Harry Reid could sell a chunk of it for in excess of five billion dollars to China? Reid’s son who was to broker the sale to China was destined to be enriched by this rotten smelling communist deal cooked up by the crooked Majority Leader, Dirty Harry Reid.

Well, to go on with the story, that Ms. Chumley was providing through the Washington Times, “Militia from all over the nation came to the ranch to support Mr. Bundy in his standoff with the BLM – and for that, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid labeled them ‘domestic terrorists,’ various media reported.”

How does that make you feel about one of the leading politicians in our country acting like a hooligan brawler from a back alley, trampling on the U. S. Constitution’s Second Amendment rights to carry a weapon and this group was a form of militia about which the Second Amendment is enacted by specific name. Our Majority Leader, Harry Reid, objected to their presence so grievously that he labeled them “domestic terrorists” people who never fired a shot nor trespassed on property. The BLM was the more “domestic terrorists” as witnessed to their actions on the Bundy property.

Ms. Chumley continued her article, “The BLM finally backed off and left – but not before a shocked nation expressed outrage at the government’s armed stance against a man who, at the root, was guilty of not paying a bill.”

That may or may not have been the alleged reason for the BLM’s cruel and unusual treatment of the peaceful militia members there to see that no harm came to Mr. Bundy, but no proof has yet been offered; and it is such a lame and pitiful argument to justify the horrible actions of BLM Head Neil Kornze’s shock troops fully armed for combat instead of being there merely in their regulatory roles.

It was more obvious to all that the government’s forces were about to prove that the Obama Administration was showing off its new enforcement view to any and all who would oppose the Obama regime of para-dictator the methods of assuring obedience to orders. Hitler demonstrated such actions brutally before and during World War II and now our very own dictator has armed his government militia to the teeth in a showcase of enforcement.

In summation, Ms. Chumley wrote, “(Congressman) Mr. Stewart said ‘it’s high time the government end its practice of arming its own special units for various agencies, like the BLM and the IRS.’

”‘They should do what anyone else would do,’ he told the Salt Lake Tribune. ‘Call the local sheriff, who has the capability to intervene in situations like that.’

“The Interior Department, for its part, said the BLM and National Park Service had armed agents at Mr. Bundy’s ranch to guarantee the safety of the public and of their workers.”

And as Congressman Stewart so correctly assumed, that was why the Sheriff should have been called.

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