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Reid Blames GOP Opposition for LibDem Senate Production Failures

Jerry McConnell · Jun. 2, 2014

Another blaring headline digs Harry Reid’s hole of darkness and lack of a leadership career more deeply with lies and cheating. The Personal Liberty Digest online article by Ben Bullard on May 22, 2014 – “Harry Reid’s Dictatorship, The Real Reason For Congressional Gridlock” – is an enlightening of Reid’s selfish, arrogant bullying as the Majority Leader of the U. S. Senate.

Reid’s absence of leadership of any fashion with his political party members in that body and a total vacuum of any guidance for the other members is appalling and contributing not even a modicum of cooperation amongst the 100 member group. As the Senate Majority Leader it is Reid’s responsibility to chaperone, explain and guide new legislation through the entire population of United States Senators for an effective and informed vote by all hands towards passage of such potential laws for the good and benefit of the entire country.

To say that Reid has failed would be an understatement of gigantic proportions. His performance, which is greatly hindered by his egomaniacal personality and desires of being the controlling personage of power, is seriously affecting his already limited abilities and causing a paucity of completed legislation movement. Using a metaphor of the game of baseball, as a producer at the plate, he uncommonly STINKS. He gets a total of ZERO in his batting average of producing established and well accepted legislation for the country. He hasn’t produced a budget in his Party’s name for so long his own colleagues probably wouldn’t recognize one.

Those other members of his political Party should, as another baseball euphemism suggests, bench him and bring in a responsible, less self-acclaimed, and much more intelligent substitute with better production numbers. Reid’s power madness is definitely a monster hurdle to even remote constructiveness. One more euphemism and I’ll quit: “THROW THE BUM OUT.”

As mentioned in the Personal Liberty Digest online article above, by Ben Bullard,

Even though President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats have spent the better part of two years hammering obstructionist Republicans for refusing to compromise on legislative measures, it’s interesting to take a step back and look at Senator Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) conduct as Majority Leader during that time.

Reid’s domineering control over Senate Democrats, as well as his ironfisted grip on Senate procedure, reveals a dictatorial leadership style that has stifled activity in the Senate to a degree that Republicans – as well as his predecessors in the Majority Leader’s role – surely must envy. [To which I might add: “or strenuously object to.”]

To bolster Bullard’s conclusions on Reid, he quoted a very well noted political source simply titled, “The Hill,” saying, “The Hill – an ostensibly impartial observer of political goings-on in Washington, D.C. – released a report on Reid’s leadership style Thursday that carried a remarkable headline for a publication that attempts to play things down the middle: ‘An imperial majority leader?’ Years ago political pundits showed their ‘scoffishness’ at such an attitude by tongue and lip gestures, ‘Tsk, tsk.’”

Bullard explains that The Hill story stated that “no Senate Majority Leader has ever had the power Reid has, but due to his historically unprecedented use of ‘strong-arm tactics’ and promotion of an acrimonious partisan atmosphere they make it virtually impossible to get a damn thing accomplished.”

And it seems that the self-effacing, dictatorial Reid uses his position as Majority Leader to “hog” all the opportunities for others to advance amendments to legislation so only his offerings will be considered.  Bullard offers more evidence of Reid’s control by quoting Senate historian Donald Ritchie “that Reid has controlled the floor debate more than any previous leader. ‘Sen. Reid is certainly doing it more than his predecessors,’ he said.”

As the story notes, “Republicans have managed on only nine occasions to vote on amendments they’ve proposed since last July. (Nearly a full year.) They have Reid’s gavel style to thank for that.”

Bullard also notes that Reid often joins Obama in shifting blame for stalemates on the GOP and its Tea Party base: “[F]or five and a half years, everything this president has tried to do, they’ve stepped in the way. They’ve done it with… unrealistic demands.”

It makes me wonder if Reid also means the many requests for increases in the National Debt Ceiling for greatly increased liberal Democrat and Obama spending which the GOP has always gone along with, much to the distaste of the sensible ones of the country’s election voters. That debt ceiling could not possibly have increased to the catastrophic levels we’ve seen recently without the assistance and votes of the GOP. Another lie from Liars, Inc., AKA, Liberal Democrats.

Harry Reid is an every-day example of why this country needs and must have TERM LIMITS, and I mean, ONE FOUR YEAR TERM FOR ALL CONGRESSIONAL OFFICES; because corruption begins when campaigning starts for REELECTION to that same office that was the fertile ground of huge personal wealth by any means imaginable or possible.

The Constitution must be amended to show the terms in office limited to FOUR years with no reelections to any. When we get those fields of corruption contained to a sensible level which our Founding Fathers foresaw as the construction of a ‘Civilian Legislature’ in order to prevent corruption, greed and elective careers in skullduggery, for which the dictionary lists TWENTY-NINE synonyms, and all apply to our not-very-beloved elected congressional body; all 535 positions.

When that is accomplished, work must begin on providing equity in this matter on the federal offices of POTUS, SCOTUS and other federal judicial judgeships. I won’t be around to remind you, so patriots and REAL Americans will be needed to do it.

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