The Patriot Post® · LGBT Pride MONTH and DAY

By Albert Maslar ·

Homosexuals celebrate “LGBT Pride Day” on June 29, culminating the month-long June observance of “LGBT Pride Month.” On that same day named “Call2Fall” Sunday, Christians will invoke the following prayer for the country in honor of the upcoming July 4 celebration of the Independence of America: “I will answer God’s call to fall on my knees in humility for my sins and seek HIS face in repentance so that He might forgive my sins and heal our land.”

“Repent” is the one word in the Bible to which God always responded with victory for those who humbly express remorse, contrition, and self-reproach for what the offending peoples have done or failed to do, as they turn back to their God and Creator. President Obama, White House, Federal Agencies, Pentagon, State agencies, many businesses including Major Corporations, and organizations across America will join the LGBT celebration as an ultimate daring insult, spitting in the face of God, much like tormentors spit in the face of the blindfolded Jesus before they nailed Him to the Cross.

The White House also celebrated slain homosexual activist child predator Harvey Milk with an honorary postage stamp in 2013. Senator Hatch said, “Gay marriage seems inevitable as courts across the country rule against States that ban same-sex marriage,” often overriding voters who overwhelmingly rejected homosexual marriage.

Homosexual behavior is scientifically and medically not good, nor is it a lesser evil. Humans are entitled by the Creator to make their own choices, be they good, bad, or indifferent. Problems arise when a deviant minority imposes their agenda on the majority that seems helpless to resist.

“Striving for the greater good is superior to settling for the lesser evil,” but the lesser evil is still evil and there can be no good consequences from supporting the lesser evil because inevitably the lesser evil evolves into a greater evil ad infinitum. Given an inch, evil takes the whole nine yards and then wants more. Rotten apples in the bin do not become better, but the good apples become rotten as well.

Honor is often given where it is not deserved. Red Buttons, speaking at Dean Martin comedy roasts, made his signature line famous: “We honor (Red inserts a name, group, or cause) tonight with a dinner. But some of the most famous people of all time never got a dinner.”

In that vein Red Buttons might say, “We honor homosexuals with a day and month. But pro-lifers never got a day or a month.” The RED Buttons list of honorees can go on and on: America, Bill of Rights, Birthers, Budget, Christians, Chaplains, Clergy, Conservatives, Constitution, Debt, Fracking, Military, Oil, Peace, Pipeline, Spending Limits, Tax Code, Tax Payers, Veterans; “Never got a day, let alone a week or month.”

LGBT Pride MONTH and DAY Homosexuals got the whole nine yards – their day, week, and month – but based on advocates Barack and Michelle, they got a whole year, of preferential treatment. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) are at the top of the list of White House honorees. LGBT is joined by agendas of abortion, aortifacients, contraceptives on the one side, and anything Islam on the other side, including implementation of creeping Sharia Law. Obama has proclaimed that America was no longer a Christian nation, and unfortunately, Obama may have been proven right. Islam YES; Christianity NO.