The Patriot Post® · Benghazi Criminals Still at Large

By Murray T. Bass ·

If this commentary reads like it was written by an angry man it is because it was written by an angry man. The statements of opinion in this commentary are mine alone. They are, however, based on documented facts. Each of you may draw your own conclusion.

In the case of the Benghazi murders, terrorist suspect Ahmed Abu Khattala has been captured in Libya and is now in America. I should feel good about that, but don’t. I believe this is just another distraction to create the impression that something is being done to bring the instigators to justice. Remember, Libya is under the control of Al Qaeda. That makes Abu Khatala a sacraficial lamb. More smoke and mirrors. The real criminals in the Benghazi murders are still at large, even though I believe there is sufficient evidence to arrest and convict them of treason. I believe the real criminals are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It appears they either wanted Ambassador Stevens to die or were indifferent to his almost certain impending murder. In other words, Stevens was expendable. He was required to stay. Was he required to die?

Did he know something about the delivery of American arms to Islamic terrorists? Or that the CIA had trained Islamic terrorists ? Both on the pretext of helping to rid other countries of dictators. None of our business. They helped the Terrorist Brotherhood seize power in Egypt and Libya. They seem to have willingly aided and abetted the Islamic terrorists in the murder, torture and rape of Ambassador Stevens, and the killing of Information Officer Sean Smith. So says the evidence. Stevens is forever silenced.

Now they are asking Congress for $500 million to help the Syrian Rebels (code for Islamic terrorists). We are about to find out just how corrupt and stupid our congress is. I take it back. We already know. This will just be confirmation.

A video about Benghazi detailing the timeline of decisions and events is available. It is titled “Why Benghazi Matters” by Bill Whittle. The events are damning individually. Taken together they demonstrate malicious intent.

Yes, Obama and Hillary knew of the true nature of the threat. Numerous requests for additional security were refused. Requests for an increase in security personnel were not only refused but the personnel then present were removed. Rescue forces were told to “stand down.” Allied forces were close enough to have rescued the ambassador but no request for assistance was made. Ambassador Stevens was left completely vulnerable. Even though it is sometimes convenient to think of Hillary and Obama as stupid, they are not. These cannot have been careless mistakes. They appear to be intentional, cold and calculated acts.

As a clumsy cover for their acts, they also lied about their knowledge of the nature of the attack when, in fact, a drone was over he embassy sending real time pictures of the events. The drone arrived just 2 ½ hours after the attack began. The decision to lie about what triggered the attack was cold and calculated. It continued for many days after the State Department had to admit it was a terrorist attack. Not a response to an amateur video. Reports are they watched real time pictures of the killing of former SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty taken from the drone.

One has to wonder what Ambassador Stevens knew that was to be silenced forever. Could it have been related to the overt moves to remove non Islamic leaders in Libya and Egypt to make room for al Qaeda leadership? Or the delivery of arms to Al Qaeda terrorists under the guise of eliminating brutal dictators? (The terrorist Brotherhood “replacements” were far more brutal than Mubarek and Ghadaffi.) Or the training by Americans of the very terrorists who were said to be involved in the Benghazi murders? What other acts of treason did Stevens know about that we are not now to hear?

Yes, the people responsible for these criminal acts are still at large – President Barack Hussein Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. In addition to the fiction that the attack was precipitated by a rogue video, both have tried to create the impression that they either didn’t know what was going on or it wasn’t their job to oversee and provide security.

No excuses allowed. They both are required by law to oversee, provide security and protect American lives and property.

President Obama missed five consecutive days of security briefings, ending on September 10th. It would be a mistake to believe that because he did not attend briefings he was not aware of the explosiveness of the situation. The safety of citizens and protection of American property is his responsibility which cannot be dismissed or delegated. He must have known. And he must have known that security was removed, exposing Ambassador Steven to almost certain death.

Hillary Clinton said in an interview with Barbara Walters that she was not involved in security decisions. A bald faced lie. The Secure Embassy Construction and Counterterrorism Act of 1999 specifically requires the personal involvement of the Secretary of State in security decisions. President Obama gave the lie about the rogue video being the cause of the attack a life of its own. He repeated the lie in a speech to the United Nations on September 24th, 13 days after the attack and three days after Hillary Clinton finally admitted that it was a terrorist attack. In his UN speech he actually defended the Islamic terrorists, saying he would not allow Islam to be “slandered.” How can you slander the killers of your own people?

I won’t “feel good” about Benghazi until Obama and Clinton are arrested and tried. The evidence is there. Why isn’t it happening?