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Astronaut Walter Cunningham: Climate Alarmism Is the Biggest Fraud

Jerry McConnell · Jul. 14, 2014

Now here is someone that gets my attention. At first thought, what strikes me is that this man might be that Conservative lurking in the wings waiting to be asked to be considered as a POTUS candidate for 2016.

I haven’t checked anything politically concerning Apollo Astronaut retired Marine Colonel Walter Cunningham (Iowa born with a first name of “Ronnie” – prophetic?), but I sure do like the way he looks at important things – for instance, Global Warming or Climate Control or whatever those “weather wonk weenies” have deemed to call their “funny money science” these days.

What the Colonel said that got my attention was stated in a online column authored by Craig Bannister on July 2, 2014 under the heading “97% Climate Consensus ‘Most Nonsensical, Stupid Number in the World.’” Cunningham’s words on the subject of climate alarmism were: “the biggest fraud in the field of science.” He, of course, was talking about the subject but in my mind he could have also been talking about people like Al Gore and Barack Obama, both certified authentic ‘crackpot numbskulls’ when discussions are made on our climate.

The above comments from the Colonel were part of his presentation at the Heartland Institute’s 9th International Conference of Climate Change.

Craig Bannister reports in his article above, that Col. Cunningham spoke in an exclusive interview on MRCTV, saying, “Since about 2000, I looked farther and farther into it and found that not one of the claims that the alarmists were making out there had any bearings, whatsoever. And, so, it was kind of a no-brainer to come to the conclusion.”

Bannister’s article states that “Cunningham rejects the notion of man-made climate, not only as fact – but also as even qualifying as an actual ‘theory’”:

“In the media, it was being called a theory. Obviously, they didn’t know what it means to be a theory.

"If we go back to the warmist hypothesis – not a theory, but, a hypothesis – they’ve been saying from the very beginning that carbon dioxide levels are abnormally high, that higher levels of carbon dioxide are bad for humans, and they thought warmer temperatures are bad for our world, and they thought we were able to override natural forces to control the earth’s temperature. So, as I’ve looked into those, that’s the problem that I’ve found, because I didn’t find any of those to be correct – and, they certainly were not a theory, it was just their guess at what they wanted to see in the data they were looking at.”

Interrupting Bannister for a moment, my take on what the Colonel said during the interview was enlightening and informative and supportive of my thoughts and views of the so-called government climatologists attempts to make sense without adding any at all to the discussions, in particular, Gore and Obama who back just about anyone who speaks for the government. Gore is in my opinion a government money motivated moocher looking to pad his bankroll on the backs of the taxpayers in America.

Obama is probably just in it to try to make an impression that he knows what he is talking about, but continuously disproves any notions of that by opening his mouth in support of the oafish and greedy Gore.

In the Bannister article the Colonel continues, and urges Americans to look at the data and decide for themselves, instead of taking anyone else’s word for it:

“You go out and take a look at it and you find out that a lot of it is pure nonsense and wishful thinking on the part of the alarmists who are looking for more and more money to fall into their hands.

"Don’t believe it just because your professor said it. You gotta go take a look at it. Go back and look at the history of temperature and carbon dioxide, and you look at the value of carbon dioxide, and how it’s a benefit today.”

Colonel Cunningham goes into greater detail in describing how the climate alarmists go into how much the atmosphere currently contains 400 parts per million of CO2 – that’s only a tenth of the level his spacecraft had to reach before causing concern. In his Apollo craft, an alarm would go off when CO2 reached 4,000 parts per million and, in today’s space shuttle, the trigger is 5,000. And, in submarines where crewmen may be on three-month missions, CO2 has to reach 8,000 parts per million before the alarm is activated.

Bannister sums his article up by quoting the Colonel as saying,

“The case is, to me, really, it’s laughable to find somebody who claims to be a serious scientist - that he would buy into this. So, I would really question anybody who claims to be a scientist doing this – so, what they do is try to control the nomenclature.

"To me, it’s almost laughable, it’s the biggest fraud in the field of science, certainly in my lifetime, maybe the biggest one in centuries.”

What the Colonel says just possibly might fit the two science ‘dorks’ Gore and Obama as well as the pseudo scientists he describes.

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