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A Subject No One Wants To Talk About

Larry Reams · Jul. 26, 2014

(This is a follow up to the previous commentary - Are We Losing The War?)

“I can sense right now a rebellion brewing amongst these United States where people are ready for a hostile takeover of Washington, D.C. to preserve the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.” Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.)

Amen Gov. Jindal! If you’re a true patriot, perhaps a veteran, and of my generation (age 72), you have a historical frame of reference to know that America is headed for Third World status at a rapid pace and that something of a serious nature is going to happen between now and then. Something is “brewing.” Even though millions of us feel as Jindal does, seldom does anyone say it openly, especially a politician. Maybe Jindal has opened the door for further discourse. Let’s hope so. As a public figure he can get away with making such a statement whereas John Q. Citizen is put on a “watch list” and perhaps visited by the “authorities.” Been there, done that.

From day-one, those who’ll read this commentary on Patriot Post have known that Barack Obama was not one of us; not of the character, integrity, honesty and honor of one who should be in the Oval Office and leader of the free world. Not the type of person who built this nation. Six years has proven that case. He and his administration are as corrupt as they come; void of traditional American values; and either totally inept or hell bent on the destruction of the constitutional republic we have known for over 200 years and that has been THE model for freedom, liberty and opportunity around the globe. It is a sad commentary that We The People would even consider a person like Obama for any elective office let alone elect him to the Presidency, twice. America has it’s collective head up its arce. How do you wake up 300 million people short of a major tragedy or civil war?

But what is, is. And it’s not going to end pretty. Far too many citizens and illegal residents depend on the generosity of big government to support reducing the size of government and curtailing the 24 / 7 efforts of the progressive Left. To do so would cut off their money and reduce their lifestyle. And far too many elected elitists, who depend on the votes of these citizens and illegal residents, are in positions of authority and won’t “rock the boat.” They all think “short term” and could care less about the long term. If I had to make a guess, I’d estimate 60% of the residents of these United States are either supporters of the Left’s policies because it benefits them personally, OR, they are so clueless they don’t know the difference. They’re not even aware that they’re contributing to their own demise. That leaves maybe 40% who are aware and care deeply about where we’re headed, long term. And again, just my guess, a large number of this 40% are seniors who’d not be worth much in a “rebellion” in America. Remember, only an estimated 30% supported the American Revolution.

Every election cycle the stakes become ever more important and critical. Patriots / conservatives keep hanging their hopes on retaking the House, or as is the case presently, retaking the Senate. And in 2016, retaking the White House. But does replacing a Democrat with a RINO really accomplish anything? The GOP retook the House in 2010 and maybe it did slow down the bleeding a bit. But they won’t cut off funding for bad programs / agencies, won’t reduce spending, won’t impeach the usurper, won’t do anything meaningful to right the ship. It’s just business as usual. Lots of talk, very little action. Since about 1960 our march towards socialism, or “progressivism,” has been underway with both Democrats and Republicans in control of Congress and the White House. It ebbs and flows but still marches Leftward. On the left-to-right scale, the GOP is today where the DNC was in the ‘60’s. Those of us now who were where the Republicans were in the '60’s on this scale are considered “right-wing extremists” among other names.

The Left must be squashed down to a minuscule number. They stand against everything we hold dear and for everything traditional America detests. Their power must be dramatically reduced and no sacrifice is to great to accomplish that. The culture that exists among elected officials must be dramatically changed back to one of “public servant” working FOR us rather than “ruling class elitist” ruling OVER us. I have previously expressed thoughts on how to do this. The media must be purged of propagandists and held accountable for upholding their constitutional obligations of “informing” not “swaying.” And We The People must be informed of our constitutional duty and obligation to maintain our free republic. All that seems to me to be overwhelming; daunting. An impossible task. We’ve gone too far down the wrong path for this to happen short of an earth-shattering trauma or “rebellion.”

So, what will it take for America to wake up and do what must be done? If the Feds attempted to confiscate our personal firearms, would that be a flash point to start a rebellion? If Obama issues a executive order base on some type of manufactured “national emergency” mid-2015 that requires him to put off elections so he can remain in office to solve the emergency, would that be a flash point to action? What if the US Supreme Court rules that Obamacare is unconstitutional yet Obama ignores their ruling? The Court has no authority to enforce its rulings. Only the Executive branch and DOJ can do that and there’s no integrity there. The Executive has the constitutional duty to enforce all constitutionally valid laws. What if Obama simply decides some laws are not constitutional as he did with DOMA and refuses to enforce them? He already has that track record but what if it’s a major law everyone is accustomed to such as eliminating the Electoral College? There is clearly a war on Christians by Mr. Obama and the Left. Will Christians start a “crusade” to preserve their (our) faith and beliefs? The “what ifs” could go on forever. What will be the point where America finally rises up and makes the attempt to restore our constitutional republic? The red line in the sand where patriots take up arms and proceed to the “hostile takeover of Washington, D.C.” Or will she ever do so?

One Giant Leap - This will no doubt upset many. I am of the opinion, as is the case with many with whom I communicate, that we are headed for another war in America. It’s only a matter of when, not if. Call it a civil war, a revolution, a rebellion, a coup or whatever. I feel there are still sufficient numbers of patriots who simply won’t accept a dictatorship, a third world status, a one world government, or communism, all of which is in the range of possibilities if the Left isn’t stopped. It doesn’t appear there is sufficient courage within Congress to impeach Obama, to call out the Obama propaganda machine, better know as MSM, to change their own corrupt culture, or for the 60% to come to their senses and meet their obligations. So if the aging 40% won’t accept what’s ahead without a fight, I think that fight is in our future.

Again, just my opinion, but I believe the wise will do several things to prepare for it. In fact they already are doing these things: get your financial house in order; stockpile Class I and Class V (look it up); organize within your family and community; organize on the national level - identify leaders who can lead the “rebellion” and set up a communications link; prepare to do whatever it takes to protect your family and country; read up on communications, tactics, strategy; watch what you say and to whom you say it; and PRAY.

It would help tremendously if an individual of national stature would step forward and organize the divided efforts of the hundreds of tea parties and grass roots groups, the old Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition, and the various veterans groups under one banner - the Stars and Stripes - in a common, united effort to Restore The Republic. Unfortunately these groups aid in the divisiveness of our country by “doing their own thing” rather than joining together in a common effort. Make no mistake, what they do is good, it’s just not of sufficient strength in numbers to effect our leftward march. If an individual is capable of uniting these groups, he / she is presidential material and perhaps even a modern day Re-Founding Father.

If you feel the same but are sitting on the bench waiting for someone else to fix it, you’re part of the problem. Count yourself in the 60%. It’s time to get off the bench and find a way you can contribute to restoring our republic. If enough of us, me included, had done that all along, we’d not be in this position now and if enough get involved now perhaps the rebellion can be avoided. “Silence is consent.” Our generational legacy and constitutional republic is hanging in the balance.

Your thoughts are welcomed. To be continued….

(Mr. Reams is a Christian, senior citizen, family man, veteran, a retired small business owner and a staunch conservative. ; )

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