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Dems, Led by Obama and Reid, Determined to Scuttle USA

Jerry McConnell · Jul. 28, 2014

It has been close to six years since the incredibly unfortunate date of January 20, 2009, when Barack Obama was illegally sworn in as our 44th president – though unchallenged proof of his eligibility has yet to be presented. Oh yes, phony paperwork, badly handled and mismanaged, has been presented at times by the usurper himself, but it has always been exposed for the fraudulent state that it is in.

His supporters refer to this outlandish refusal to come clean with the real and loyal true citizens of the United States as the efforts of enemies of Obama and term these individuals as “birthers” as if to denigrate an honest attempt to find our just who this man IS, as opposed to who HE says HE IS.

This man in our White House has mesmerized millions of Americans with his slick rhetoric and glib answers to vexing questions. He has bribed many millions of voters with free access to welfare rolls along with the further enrichment of food stamps and who knows whatever else this impostor can steal from the legitimate tax-paying, loyal and law-abiding citizens to add to the give-away booty for their votes – and the more the merrier.

Many of his followers, who believe his foxy tales without the need for other tax-payers’ bounty, willingly abet and provide aid to hurry along the downfall of our nation blindly in obeisance to his slick talk that is chock full of lies and deceit and who will be cast aside when the United Nations take control of our fate as he attempts to pass our sovereignty over to these corrupt foreigners by an Executive Order which he so recklessly spews forth in damnation of all of our creeds, beliefs and country-binding actions.

Obama berates the GOP Party calling them the “do nothing” party a moniker of an absolute fool who engineers this country into dangerous and capricious ventures which when the danger height is reached and leadership skills are needed for correction, this lazy and irresponsible lout chooses to go on vacation, at taxpayers great expense along with regal guest accommodations at royal rates, again at taxpayer expense and plays while danger reaches its peak.

He is becoming known to the high tax payers in this country as “Bountiful Barry, the constant on-vacation, golfing do-nothing-else Eggsickutive.”

Fortunately for America we have one true patriot that is not fooled by the slick-tongued charlatan, a freshman Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, spawned by the dependable Tea Party. Cruz, who engaged in a recent confrontation in the Senate with its multi-faceted and dishonest leader, Harry Reid, made his point by showing the un-American Majority Leader’s allegiance to the unlawful president which is much to the detriment of loyal American citizens with help from a supporter. author B. Christopher Agee wrote on July 17, 2014, “A Senate debate between pro-amnesty Democrats and Republicans who favor a secure border continued Thursday when Majority Leader Harry Reid trashed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s latest proposal. The Texas Republican is pushing a bill that would end the de facto amnesty Barack Obama extended in 2012 to illegals who arrived in the U.S. as minors.”

As we all have seen in recent weeks, a huge surge of illegal children pouring unfettered across our borders in the Southwest. This wave of sudden ‘kids only’ has consumed the attention of the border states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, causing obscenely high costs to the citizens of those three states and exponentially spread out to many other states by Obama’s “do nothing” attitude of worsening the dilemma by ordering transportation of many of these illegals to other states and literally “dumping” them and their maintenance costs on the loyal citizens and making it a problem of the states.

If this dereliction of duty and oath isn’t grounds that should provide conviction of impeachment of our usurper president, then what in the world is? He says he is a legal citizen of the United States, but as far as I know, he has not explained his receiving financial aid as a foreign student that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded according to FactCheck.

Here is another bit of information published online at “” on January 11, 2014.

I admit that this political football has been bouncing around the usurper’s obstacles for a long time and his refusal to open his personnel records for public perusal keeps if a mystery. Maybe after he cedes us to the corrupt United Nations he will tell us his deep dark secrets.

Getting back to the Reid-Cruz confrontation in the U.S. Senate, it seems to me that it is fairly apparent that Obama and his promoters in the UN have decided that this plan to let untold thousands of foreign illegal children into our country would be looked on as something that would be heart-warmingly sentimental and swallowed whole by, females in particular, gullible and believing U. S. citizens.

What better way to gracefully invade the hearts of the soft hearted (and headed) lovers of children and when their hearts and souls are captured, and ours are placated, than the bigger victory of bringing the rest of their families to this country and make them all liberal Democrat voting citizens thereby insuring Democrat election victories for decades if not centuries? Or as Margaret Thatcher so wisely said, “… or until other people’s money runs out.”

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