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An Honest Judge Speaks About Obama and Our Government

Jerry McConnell · Aug. 15, 2014

Time after time our honesty-challenged news, often called mainstream media, highlights one judicial baron who is so in-bed with the person for whom he hands down his decree or finding, always favorable to the recipient, that when a truly reputable justice speaks up it is as refreshing as a spring breeze.

One such person, a judicial analyst for a major news network (FOX), Judge Andrew Napolitano, has written an article for online publication, titled, “Spying, Lying and Torture” about the current Obama Administration which will be commented on here.

Many who have read my columns for Canada Free Press for the past several years may recognize the source from which I have often quoted when addressing the nefarious, deceitful and anti-American characters from the head Usurper, BH Obama and his accomplices on down in judicial mayhem shenanigans – and outright lawlessness.

The title of Judge Napolitano’s online article speaks loudly of his thoughts and feelings of that covey of restless rats who have weakened the structure of the United States Government to the point of near destruction and diminishment. But knowing the good Judge Andrew was on the job kept my resolve well fortified.

In his initial jab at Obama’s henchmen he selected the recent CIA appointee Director John Brennan’s “admission that his agents and his lawyers have been spying on the senators whose job it is to monitor the agency should come as no surprise. The agency’s job is to steal and keep secrets; and implicit in those tasks, Brennan would no doubt argue, is lying.”

Then showing that the Judge is quite familiar and knowledgeable of his subject, he states, “Yet in another respect, this may very well be a smoking gun in the now substantial case against President Barack Obama that alleges that much of his official behavior has manifested lawlessness and incompetence. It is hard to believe that the president did not know about this, but not hard to believe he would look the other way.”

Of course, as happens in most instances of finger-pointing or name-calling the alleged ‘victims’ are usually collusive and ready with counter blames which Napolitano cites as an example that occurred “About four months ago, (when) California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, went to the Senate floor and accused the CIA of committing torture during the presidency of George W. Bush and of spying on the committee that she chairs as it was examining records of that torture. Brennan responded by denying both charges and leveling his own – that investigators for the Senate Intelligence Committee had exceeded their lawful access to CIA records and that that constituted spying on the CIA.

"Brennan even got his predecessor, George Tenet, under whose watch Feinstein claimed the torture had occurred and the attacks of 9/11 took place, to deny vehemently that his agents had committed torture. With this mutual finger-pointing, both the CIA and the Senate Intelligence Committee reported each other to the Department of Justice, which promptly punted.”

That scenario also pointed out how alleged lawlessness accusations are mulled over to the point of worthlessness to prosecute or punish simply by obfuscation and, using one of Obama’s famous terms, ‘cronyism’. Cronyism in this case was with his Justice Department AG Holder whose motto must be, “You lie to it and I’ll swear to it – and that will be the end of it."  Holder is probably where Obama learned the term "cronyism.”

Judge Napolitano asks, “How did all this come about? Under federal law, the CIA gets to do what the president permits and authorizes only when it reports its deeds and misdeeds truthfully to two congressional committees, one of which is the Senate Intelligence Committee. (The other is the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.) None of this is constitutional, of course, seeing as the CIA fights secret wars; the Constitution mandates that only Congress can declare war, and Congress cannot delegate its constitutional authority to committees. This system of secret government is so secret that 90 percent of our elected congressional representatives are kept ignorant of it.”

So you see the possibilities that a potentially corrupt or treasonous Administration can play games with if it should care to in order to “beat the system”; and in the case of this Administration, that is just what happens.

Napolitano continues, “But last week, on a sleepy Friday afternoon in the middle of the summer, Obama admitted that the CIA had tortured people; and shortly thereafter, Brennan admitted that the CIA had spied on the Senate. Then the president said he still has confidence in Brennan.  This is approaching a serious constitutional confrontation between the president and Congress. Can the president’s agents lawfully spy on Congress? Of course not. Can the CIA lie to Congress with impunity? Only if Congress and the Department of Justice let it do so.”

In all my years of ‘government watching’ I never been so close to such illicit conduct by government officials who so openly just blurt out things that hitherto this unseemly group of scofflaws would never have happened or who were more adept and clever at keeping such ‘bon mots’ sub-rosa and unmentionable.

The judge opines, “So where does all this lead us? The president’s agents have lied to Congress and have spied upon it. If Brennan did not know about this, he should be fired for incompetence and for failing to control his agents. If he did know about this, he should be indicted for lying to Congress because he denied it at a time when he had a lawful obligation to be truthful; and he should be fired for his failure to communicate a violation of the Constitution to the president. If he did tell the president that his agents were about to spy on Congress and the president failed to stop it, the president has committed a serious violation of his oath to uphold the laws and violated the separation of powers by invading the privacy of a coequal branch of the government – and that is an impeachable offense.”

Don’t look for justice – we no longer have a ‘Justice’ Department; the President is always on vacation; and Congress just joined him.

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