The Patriot Post® · The Unethics of Islam: A Politically Incorrect Exposé

By Fred Fox ·

The American citizen’s religious freedom is guaranteed by our Constitution – and we should ‘cling to (our) guns and religion…’ as stated so derisively by our Leader-From-Behind in the face of anyone who tries to compromise it. We also should not condone the religious freedom of non-citizens whose culture opposes the laws of our nation – this includes the Sharia law which is part and parcel of Islam. We don’t have to, nor should we, honor it. One of the requirements of our citizenship is to live by the law of the land, not by some law of choice.

Every citizen is governed by our Constitution. Try as some might to deny it, our nation was founded on primarily Judeo-Christian principles while not purposely excluding those of other faiths. Reading the founding documents and the considerable literature (Federalist Papers) describing what the founders had in mind when they wrote them makes this quite clear.

But Islamists not only practice their religion as put forth in the Quran as promulgated by the prophet Muhammad, they live by the way of life specified in the Quran and Muhammad’s later writings. That this way of life is incompatible with ours is evident in the cultures practicing it. How can we be expected to honor freedom of a religion that is discordant with the principles upon which our Republic was founded? We can’t.

Careful reading of the Quran discloses mixed messages written at different times in history. It invokes fear and deals in large part with annihilation of falsehood (specifically infidels, meaning all others), and teaches that Islam will triumph in the world. It teaches as well manners and morals, but not always morality.

The culture expounded in the Quran is incompatible with our Constitution and many of our basic human rights, and cannot be justified within the American (or Western, for that matter) culture. Much as some might prefer it otherwise, these are facts. (As they say, “You could look it up.” I did. I’ve read our founding documents as well as the Bible and the Quran. In other words, I’ve done my homework.)

The Muslim interpretation of the Old Testament differs from that of Jews and Christians. Muslims claim (among other differences) that the prophet the Jews expected was Muhammad. However, The Quran was written 900-years after Muhammad, who lived 500-years after Christ. The original would appear to govern.

From the Quran

  • Abraham was not a Jew but was instead the first Muslim. The Jews ‘follow(ed) evil crafts’ and sought to kill the prophets; they were cast as swine and apes, unfit to possess the Holy Land. There’s more, none of it laudatory…

  • Jesus was the last prophet before Muhammad and not God’s son (Allah fathered no one). He did not perform miracles, nor did he die on the cross, but died instead much later a natural death, and by leaving Israel without a spiritual leader, the spiritual kingdom defaulted to Islam. Jesus would go to hell; his followers perverting his teachings after his death. The Quran redefines the Trinity as God, Jesus and Mary and not the original Trinity known to everyone else.

  • Muslims are forbidden to be friendly with other faiths (there is no religious freedom in Islam). They are victims of the Jews and Arabs, ‘peacemakers’ who cannot be defeated and will either die defending the faith or live and conquer. They…'shall overtake them (the infidels – all others) by degrees, from whence they know not.‘

  • Islam claims to be the only religion of pure monotheism in the world. It deals in large part with annihilation of falsehood, that is to say, all other beliefs. Islam is spread not by the sword but 'in spite of the sword,’ although Muslims are permitted to ‘kill the disbelievers’ (again, all others) and attack and fight them to stop persecution. This may appear contradictory…

Islam is not founded in truth; therefore it is neither moral nor ethical and the antithesis of the American Way. To honor Islam is to destroy Western culture.

Don’t do it…

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