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Biological Warfare and Dereliction of Duty

Michael Oberndorf · Oct. 6, 2014

Barack Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama, Indonesian citizen and erstwhile Muslim, needs to be impeached. Now. Repeat, now.

The list of his high crimes and misdemeanors is long and growing by the day. Impeachment could have been done years ago, were it not for the criminal conspiracy among the ruling Democrats and the craven cowardice of complicitous Republicans. Fear of being slandered in the “mainstream” media as racist effectively suppressed criticism of Obama’s criminal acts and paralyzed the political establishment’s willingness to take action.

Citizens such as myself have been demanding impeachment for years, but the calls appear to have fallen on the proverbial deaf ears that seem to be issued nowadays to politicians when they get to Washington. The result is the disaster the country has become today, and a world about to explode into war. Obama-Soetoro and his co-conspirators in the Democrat Party have been allowed to shred our Constitution, article by article, tear up our Bill of Rights, amendment by amendment, dismantle our economy, sector by sector, eliminate our private property rights, lot by lot, acre by acre, expand the overreach and power of the federal government into areas previously untouched by any but the most totalitarian of the world’s dictatorships.

The latest, and most egregious, example is the federal government’s (mis)handling of the spread of the Ebola epidemic. Forget the fact that our Surgeon General has yet to be heard from – has anyone looked under his desk? – or that radically contradictory statements are coming from “officials” on a daily basis. What should hit Americans like a 2x4 upside the head is that the government is doing virtually nothing – repeat, NOTHING – to stop Ebola from entering the United States. In fact, they seem to be encouraging its arrival here by refusing to close our borders and allowing what amounts to unrestricted entry of people traveling from the infected areas of Africa.

Ebola is already here, in Texas, in Georgia, probably in New York or New Jersey. In addition, Obama-Soetoro, as “Commander-in-Chief,” has ordered 3,000 of our military personnel to the infected areas of Africa where it is inevitable that some, if not all, will become infected themselves. They will then bring the disease home with them to infect God only knows how many more soldiers and American civilians. And it’s just a matter of time before the insanely fanatic Islamic barbarians in ISIS – created by the policies of the above mentioned Obama-Soetoro – start sending infected “martyrs” across our wide open southern and northern borders on “suicide missions” of unprecedented inhuman barbarity. These disease bombs, allowed what amounts to free and unrestricted entry, will disperse all over our country and it’s possible that in a mere matter of weeks, we will be overwhelmed by an epidemic that will kill thousands, perhaps millions.

It’s obvious to anyone who has not been living in a cave on the dark side of the Moon that the apparent bumbling and “incompetence” of the Obama-Soetoro administration in its response to what amounts to a critical national security/national health emergency is intentional. The failure to act decisively is gross dereliction of duty, as is his failure to attend his daily intelligence meetings or read the reports. This lying, America-hating Marxist has made it crystal clear that he has no intention of doing his job or obeying the law. He has plenty of time to play golf, attend fundraisers with Left Coast “celebrities” and Wall Street fat-cats, and take lavish and extravagant vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, but can’t be bothered to take any action to protect Americans, as directed by the Constitution he so clearly despises. Gross and undeniable dereliction of duty.

The man is so obviously out of control and drunk on his own seemingly endless ability to break our laws with impunity that the mind boggles that cries for his removal from office are not the only thing being heard. Instead, what we hear is his dictatorial proclamation that he will again violate our laws and, spitting in the faces of Congress, unemployed Americans, his union allies, unilaterally declare amnesty for the tens of millions of illegal aliens he has allowed to invade our country. This will, as even those on the left are starting to admit, destroy our public education, health, and public welfare systems, our economy, and give citizenship to hundreds of thousands of violent criminals and terrorists.

Yet nothing – repeat, NOTHING – is being done to stop him.

Clearly, We, the People, are no longer the masters of our own government. The upcoming election is a charade designed to continue the illusion that we still have government by the consent of the governed. While we must still vote – in record numbers – I really don’t expect anything to change. By 2016, if we don’t put criminals like Obama-Soetoro and his underlings like Eric Holder, and corrupt fascist politicians like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in prison, America will be a Third World, possibly Islamic dictatorship, and our free, constitutional republic will be relegated to the dustbin of revisionist history. It’s up to us an no one else (see particularly paragraphs one and two).

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