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Are Forced Ebola Vaccines Coming to a Town Near You?

Leigh Bravo · Oct. 22, 2014

There have been many questions regarding the Ebola outbreak and the attempt to have it contained around the world. In light of an article by the WSJ, Tekmira Pharmaceuticals has been placed on the fast track to increase production of their experimental drugs and to expedite clinical trials on infected patients. But, what is the connection between the U.S. government and Tekmira Pharmaceuticals?

If we look back to October, 2009, the United States government applied for a patent on Ebola. The patent actually pertains to all variants of Ebola. The patent also seeks ownership over any and all Ebola viruses which are weakened or killed, giving the US government ownership over all Ebola vaccines. This patent monopoly would give the US government legal right to block all non-vaccine Ebola treatments, cures or research.

IN 2010, the Tekmira Pharmaceutical company signed a $140 million contact with the Department of Defense to advance an RNAI therapeutic to treat the Ebola virus infection. In March of 2014, Tekmira was granted a Fast Tract designation from the FDA for the anti-Ebola viral RNAi therapeutic, which allows the quick review of the drug in order to get it our to patients more quickly.

However, does this patent allow the federal government to squash any other treatments that might come down the pike? In a story reported by Infowars, written by Paul Joseph Watson, Richard C. Davis, a former flight surgeon with the U.S. Navy claims that he and the U.S. Army at Ft. Detrick Maryland, were leading a project to develop a drug called RC-2Beta, which Davis claims works “at the core of our cells to enhance mitochondrial efficiency and promote gene signaling to stimulate cellular self-repair and pathogen destruction.”

Davis began collaborating with the Army in 2013 and was experiencing great success with the drug. Davis said, “The drug killed four of the world’s deadliest viruses in a dose-dependent fashion. The Army also noted that uninfected cells in the same cultures were untouched by the drug.”

Davis reports that communication was cut off just 2 weeks before the reports of Ebola emerged in Africa. He contacted mainstream media but was stonewalled at every attempt. He has reached out to the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, teams at the FDA, the National Institute of Health, but all with no success.

He claims, “I am left to conclude that America’s leadership is either guilty of gross misconduct, dereliction of duty, criminal negligence or worse, treason. the crisis will undoubtedly spiral out of control. The inescapable conclusions of negligence or corruption or both cannot be simply swept aside for the sake of political correctness when the lives of every one of us are at stake. Ebola is real. It is here, now. There is no more time to waste.”

Has the government shut down this potential treatment for Ebola because it stands to lose billions of dollars in royalties for the creation and disbursement of a vaccine around the world? Does this patent mean that the Federal government has complete control over any and all treatments for Ebola?

Should the disease not be contained in the United Stares, can the federal government force you to have a vaccine against you will? The Homeland Security Act, makes provisions for the institution of federally mandated vaccinations in case of “National Health Emergencies.” No evidence is required for the mandated vaccination programs. A hypothetical threat is sufficient.

If that is in fact, the case. how much money does the government, in collusion with pharmaceutical companies, stand to make with forced vaccines not only in the United States, but in every other country where the disease has spread or might spread?

Most state codes allow for forced vaccinations when a “state of emergency” is declared. In Virginia Code 32.1-43 (2004) The State Health Commissioner shall have the authority to require quarantine, isolation, immunization, decontamination, or treatment of any individual or group of individuals when he determines any such measure to be necessary to control the spread of any disease of public health importance and the authority to issue orders of isolation pursuant to Article 3.01 (§ 32.1-48.01 et seq.) of this chapter and orders of quarantine and orders of isolation under exceptional circumstances involving any communicable disease of public health threat pursuant to Article 3.02.

In the light of this horrible disease, do we also need to worry about our leaders playing politics and using their influence and power to fatten their own wallets? Is Dr. Davis telling the truth regarding the discovery of a successful treatment for Ebola? I think it is worth researching further. If, along with the countless other lies we have been told by our government, this is true, the American people have the right to know and demand that our government start telling the truth!

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