The Patriot Post® · This Isn’t Justice… It’s a Joke -- On Us

By Timothy Davis ·

We are becoming too soft on criminals. We have children being suspended or expelled from elementary schools for biting a pop tart into the shape of a gun. We have kids being threatened with criminal charges for wearing a shirt that has a picture of a gun on it. Students are now being penalized for things they do/say on social media websites, like posting pictures of themselves with airsoft guns, or saying that they don’t like their teachers, but what happens to the real criminals? The ones that kill and murder and attack our country? They’re given a second chance. They’re given a light jail sentence, which they probably won’t serve all of. They’re given years upon years of appeals, while those they hurt continue to live with the pain inflicted upon them.

But when the wheels of justice turn, look what happens! In Florida, two pastors, and a 90-year-old man, were charged with a crime. They face a $500 fine, or the possibility of 60 days in jail. Their crime? They fed some homeless people, in violation of a local ordinance. How is this justice? How is this right? It isn’t. These were priests for Heaven’s sake. They were doing their “job.” The Bible says to help the poor and those who can’t help themselves. The pastors were doing what they felt was right. If Florida doesn’t want people feeding homeless people, it may be within some legal power (although one wonders if no one feeds the homeless how they eat). But don’t punish a pastor for doing something good in this world. With all the headlines of death and murder that percolate the airwaves everyday, it’s nice to read about people going out of their way to try to help others. Why should these people be punished for doing a good deed?

While these good people are being prosecuted for doing something good, we have a terrorist sitting in jail, leeching off of our tax dollars. The surviving terrorist responsible for the Boston Bombing has been rotting in a jail since he was caught over year and a half ago, living off of our tax dollars, awaiting a pointless trial that will cost even more tax dollars. This is ridiculous. This sociopath murdered 3 people in a terrorist attack, and injured hundreds more. What’s his “punishment”? He gets three meals a day, a place to sleep, and other such commodities, all on our dime. He murdered Americans and tried to bring our country to its knees. Now, that country is rewarding him with an all expense paid vacation in jail, a “trial” that will drag on forever, and an appeals process that will never end. That’s not justice. Any other country would have executed him by now. Why do we have to pay, literally, for the life of someone who attacked our country?

Being soft on terrorists means also coddling those who imitate them, or so it seems. On October 10th, the U.S. attorney in charge of prosecuting Eldo Kim, the Harvard student charged with emailing a bomb threat to campus in December 2013, asked the court to defer prosecution for 18 months. Under an agreement, Mr. Kim must stay at home for 4 months, complete 750 hours of community service, issue a public apology, and pay restitution to the law enforcement agencies that responded to the bomb threat. This is an extreme disappointment. Mr. Kim chose to terrorize an entire community. And what punishment is he getting? Community service? It’s nice to know that he is getting the same punishment given to people who urinate in public. He most likely will not receive a felony conviction, and in a few years will be able to move on with his life. This is not justice; this is the system giving an adult who chose to act irresponsibly a light slap on the wrist. It is shameful, and discouraging. This kid belongs in jail, but instead, the system is once again being soft on criminals.

This summer, Americans protested and rioted when a Ferguson, Missouri police officer shot someone attacking him. Regardless of whether the “victim” had just robbed a convenience store and attacked an officer viciously, all the public sees is a chance to cry racism and hate. They are all too quick to scream about police brutality and racial profiling, but they are silent when terrorists released from Guantanamo are reportedly fighting with ISIS. The public cries out in protest against the death penalty, saying that it’s “inhumane.” Well what these people did was pretty inhumane.

No judicial system is perfect. Mistakes will happen; it’s just a part of life. However, our system is becoming so loaded with mistakes that it’s ridiculous. All you have to do is turn on the news to read about the latest ridiculous conviction. Meanwhile, criminals and terrorists that threaten our way of life live off of our tax dollars, unnoticed, while we form angry mobs over stupid things. This has to stop. We need to stop being soft on criminals and listening to those on the left who insist that people who want to kill Americans “aren’t bad people” or are just “misunderstood.” Society is based upon a set of laws. If you break them, you pay the price. This has been the basis for civilization for millennia. We shouldn’t be deviating from this. We need to have a strong justice system that punishes those that deserve it. Not priests helping homeless, and not 5 year olds making finger guns on the playground. We’re better than that. We used to be. We must be again.

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