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GOP Has TwoYears to Prove the Next President in 2016 Must Be a Republican

Jerry McConnell · Nov. 7, 2014

Christians and Jews had reason to cheer loudly at the outcome of the latest national voting sessions that took place November 04, 2014; now the work can begin to undo the damage and near destruction caused by Barack Obama’s crusade to elevate the national status of Islam at the expense and standing of those two religions in America that I just named.

The country-wide mesmerizing program of Obama, fostered by the United Nations and the Soros billions, on the minds of literally millions of normally patriotic, average American citizens had caused them to imagine that Obama, through his persuasive preachings on the “beauties of Islam” was indeed the promised return of the “messiah”, here and now; proving P. T Barnum’s saying, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

And oh, how they flocked hoping to be among the chosen few that he would lead to the “promised land.” A slick-tongued orator with theatrical mannerisms that added to his mysticism and air of superior “follow me” hokum. Obama was for a few years leading his sheep to a different place than what he proclaimed.

It worked well for him, creating multi-millions of dollars to be gathered in just a few short years of his first term. He came into the presidency with little or no estate, and on the promise of CHANGE he did accomplish that by getting money to CHANGE from the hands of those who believed his fairy tales into his bank accounts and for six full years he was in his own little heaven.

But a funny thing happened on his way to the banks, people started to question his anti-Americanism, and his anti-Semitism, and his anti-Christianity in spite of his insistence of being a long-time member of a highly questionable Christian pastor’s church where this so-called minister once publicly shouted “God Damn America.” Now after six years of hood-winking a sizable portion of the black community, who are better off because of Obama’s redistribution of the American citizen’s heavier tax burdens to them via food stamps, and welfare, many are beginning to question his blatherings.

The liberal Democrats are apparently not buying into the Obama era promises of CHANGE to the levels of belief of the past years and they are also objecting to the damage he is creating for our country by way of loss of sovereignty and slow destruction of our Constitution and national laws, along with the traitorous dealings with his corrupt administrative staff to bypass Congress and the People.

But then on Tuesday, November 04, 2014 the People had the opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions of the ‘miracle of the messiah’ and its down sides. In spite of the dumbstruck liberal Democrats piping loud and clear that their numbers not only were greater than the conservative opposition but they would keep control of the U.S. Senate, while regaining control of the House of Representatives as well and bringing the Obama promises to full fruition in the coming years.

But instead of these fairy-tale promises from the liberals, the results of the loss of control of the Senate coupled with the even greater increases to conservative majorities in the House we will see a “ramping up of opposition to President Obama’s spending, taxes and regulation” as stated by Joseph Lawler in Nov. 05, 2014 edition online in…

While the liberals can have Obama veto legislation the conservatives can propose bills that are favorable to taxpayers instead of feeding more and more big government productions creating more national public debt. Having the president veto bills more favorable to the people will not be a popular and acceptable action for the voting public.

The full impact on America will not be readily known and it will take some time to see how all the parties, including Mr. and Mrs. America and families react to this change in control of our legislative leadership evolves. We will shortly be faced with the normal absences of our political leaders for the holidays beginning with Thanksgiving and lasting through the first of the coming new year. That, in itself, is a very good reason for Term Limits. No more long vacations.

Then, after the first of the new year, the real work begins. We’ll try to keep you up-to-date on the reportable happenings or whatever both sides have cooked up for us.

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