The Patriot Post® · Stop Silencing the Christmas Message; We need It Now More Than Ever

By Timothy Davis ·

As we enter the Christmas season, we, as Americans, need to stop and take stock of the world around us. Really look at it. We have war in the Middle East, war in Ukraine, banditry running amok across Africa. Russia and China are gearing up for wars. Domestically, we have rioting and looting aplenty. We no longer are a nation that tolerates all beliefs. We live in some very dark times indeed. So why is it that in the midst of all this darkness, liberals want to silence the very season whose purpose is to try to encourage things this world needs more than anything?

Wherever we turn, we see “Happy Holidays!” or some other politically correct version of it glaring at us. Instead of “Christmas Vacation,” it’s now called “Winter Recess,” or some other whitewashed term. Whatever happened to simply “Merry Christmas”? When we were kids, teachers said “Merry Christmas.” It was called Christmas Vacation. We had Christmas parties. People expressed tidings of good cheer towards each other, and actually meant them. If you didn’t happen to celebrate Christmas, it didn’t really matter. You could still take part in the festivities, and most kids who didn’t celebrate Christmas did. After all, what sensible kid would pass up the chance for free candy and a day off from schoolwork? We didn’t have to be force-fed other cultures. We were taught that we should respect other’s beliefs, and we often held small celebrations for their holidays. Everyone was happy. No one worried that a stray dose of inadvertent faith might infect someone. The world was a much better place.

What’s happened to us? Nowadays, people offensively go out of their way to make sure no one offends anyone else. Schools eliminate all “religious” holidays in order to not get sued by parents with nothing better to with their lives than to get their feathers ruffled over a stupid party. Saying “Merry Christmas” to someone could possibly get you sued for religious discrimination, as well as a couple of therapy sessions on being “tolerant”. Santa is now treated like America’s Most Wanted. What the heck happened, America? You used to be better than this.

The Christmas Message is one that transcends all religions; Peace, Happiness, Joy. Are these really things that are so bad that we don’t dare expose our children to them? Is it really so bad in an era of terror attacks, when none of us know if we could be the next victim, to encourage a little peace? There is so little to smile about these days, should we really be trying to extinguish the Christmas spirit because it somehow makes us morally superior not to have it? Where is the Joy in that? How does that improve society? How does taking away teachings about peace and happiness promote the welfare of our country? Are we so fixated on creating a society where everyone is the same that we are going to stifle the thing that makes us unique; our freedom of choice?

Kids growing up today will never know what this world is like without warfare. We are the last generation that can truly say we were alive during peacetime. These kids will never know what it’s like to board an airplane without the worry that terrorists could be on it. These kids will never be able to go to a marathon or some other public event without having to be scanned so that we can be sure no one has a bomb. Knowing all this, how can we take away the joy and wonder that the Christmas season brings them? Shouldn’t we let them have their fun while they still can? Ignorance is bliss, and these kids are too young to understand the world around them. If having a Christmas tree shaped cookie makes them smile, let them have the darn cookie.

The Christmas message does not just stop with kids. It applies to all of us as well. Everyday we read about the latest death toll, or protest over whatever. Shouldn’t we take a little time to be thankful for what we have, wish someone a Merry Christmas, and maybe a little joy as well? Saying “Merry Christmas” is not trying to force religion down each other’s throats. It is an expression wishing someone happiness and joy. Why can’t we do that? Why, in a world rocked by war, can’t we express our desire for peace on Earth? Traditionally, people who are of the liberal persuasion are the ones up in arms over world peace. They oppose just about every war, and constantly say that we all need to work together for peace. So why would the people opposed to war want to stifle the one time of year when people try to express positive thoughts and a desire for peace? If you don’t believe in Christ, then that is your right. If you celebrate a holiday besides Christmas, that is also your right. But it is not your right to try to silence the Christmas message. You are not somehow better than me for being politically correct. Enough with this war on Christmas. There are enough actual wars going on in the world that we do not need another.

Put down your moral scepter, and pick up a candy cane. Share a little Christmas cheer. It’s about more than your feelings; it’s about a message we can all relate to, a message that the world needs to hear now more than ever:

Peace on Earth…Good will towards men…