The Patriot Post® · Now That We Won a Battle, Are We Willing to Fight the War?

By Duane V. Grassell ·

Later this week, a new Congress will be sworn in with the largest Republican majorities in my lifetime. The new Senate will have 54 members from the Republican Party with 44 Democrats and 2 “independents.” The US House will have 247 of the 435 seats belonging to the GOP. Last November 4th, even though the GOP did not campaign on such a platform, the American voting public voted for a party to oppose our sitting president who has usurped power like no president before him. He has even committed impeachable acts. As I have written in 2 previous columns, the Republican Party has not shown the spine to be the necessary roadblock to the emerging imperial presidency. Last fall, those voters educated in the news of what has happened to our Constitutional Republic have said to the best of their ability, “enough!”

The Republican controlled House still showed no willingness to oppose our unconstitutional president by passing a post-election budget bill that gave our Socialist executive everything he wanted. In the four years that the Republican held House has controlled the federal purse strings, they have failed to defund a single program that the administration favors while our national debt has nearly doubled. Will they take more adversarial stands now that they have greater numbers and control of the Senate? The future will tell.

Even if the federally elected GOP statesman suddenly grow a spine and took a stand that says no to the chief executive on both his legislation and to his unconstitutional executive orders, they should be aware of the venom that awaits them.

One of the first acts this Congress should do is pass a complete repeal of the (Un)Affordable Care Act. A veto is sure to follow. The War will be in the response of our Constitution shredder-in-chief, his fellow party members and their willing accomplices in the media. Even though this law is completely odorous to the American public and Democrat candidates ran away from it in the last election cycle, this bill will be defended by every elected Democrat and mainstream media mouthpiece as “settled law” approved by the Supreme Court and in need of time to fully appreciate its benefits. Every GOP lawmaker will be vilified by the media and the entertainment industry by trying to deny healthcare to the poor. Look to see select members of Congress singled out if they prove to be effective in pushing this kind of legislation forward or become effective in convincing the public of the need to repeal this law. Even Speaker John Boehner, who has escaped sharp criticism because he gives this unconstitutional chief executive everything he wants, could be elevated to that sharpest of criticism just for bringing such a bill up for a vote.

It’s important to remember that most elected Democrats at the federal level are disciples of Saul Alinsky who wrote that all opposition should be attacked repeatedly and without mercy to convince the uniformed that they are objects to be hated and despised. Now that the Democrats wield little power in the legislative bodies and with the 2016 presidential election the next big prize to be won, look more these Democrats and their comrades to spend the next two years doing everything in their power to denigrate the current GOP legislatures. The political left in this country will stoop to the lowest levels possible to keep their “agenda” moving forward.

If you have any doubt, look at the treatment of President George W. Bush during the eight years of his presidency. Even though he advanced Democrat agenda items like the expansion of Medicare to include prescription drugs and education reform, like No Child Left Behind, which was a long held piece of legislation authored by Ted Kennedy’s staff, and even though we were attacked on our own soil by a terrorist organization that declared war of us during the previous administration, the Democrats spent all eight years vilifying President Bush with the hope of gaining political advantage. They achieved a temporary victory in the elections of 2006 and 2008 from which our nation has yet to recover. Other recent victims of the Saul Alinsky strategy included Tom DeLay who managed to turn Texas from a blue state to a red state. He was vilified and then a Democrat prosecutor finally found a grand jury to vote out charges against DeLay that would eventually he beaten in court. But the actions succeeded in getting DeLay out of Congress. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has been a victim of this type of smear campaign for turning his state from a state in debt to a state whose budget is now in the black. He faced criminal charges and a recall campaign. Fortunately, the voters of Wisconsin showed the wisdom to keep this fine statesman in office. Even some 20 years ago, when the GOP first took the House in my lifetime, Speaker Newt Gingrich was vilified as a “Grinch,” had ethics charges filed against him and even had his phone conversation recorded to the benefit of the sitting chief executive who had issues with respecting the Constitution himself. He, too, was driven from Congress. Once targeted, there is no depth of depravity that the Democrats will not sink to bring the maximum harm to a political opponent.

Every GOP member of Congress about to take their oath of office later this week must have some idea of what awaits them should they prove to be effective legislators and show the spine necessary to take a stand against the criminal actions of the lone “elected” Democrat who still has the power to thwart legislation. This is why we need to be vigilant and give our elected GOP representatives our continued support should they be vilified for taking a stand. If they indeed show a strong stance to support our Constitutional and its essential liberties and halt the advance of Marxism, we should let them know by flooding their offices with notes of support by the multitude of methods of messaging that are available. If they do not take such a stand, then we should still flood their offices reminding them of what they were elected to do. If they still do not, then I refer you to my previous article.