The Patriot Post® · U.N. Action Is Inaction; America Must Lead

By Timothy Davis ·

“To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace.”

The above can be found as the first and foremost purpose in the U.N. charter. The U.N. was founded with noble goals – to create global peace unlike any other in Western history. It sounded like a good idea. It seemed to work for a few years. There are even those nowadays who are naive enough to argue that the U.N. is working. They point to the lack of “major” wars and the improved conditions for select groups around the globe. What they don’t (or can’t) see is the suffering of thousands upon thousands of people on a daily basis. The slaughters of men, women, and children that occur day after day. The millions of people around the globe who have nowhere to go, who are victims of Islamic terrorists committed to destroying our way of life. These terrorists have declared war on “international peace and security” – so where’s the U.N? Where are the peacekeepers? Where is the action?

There isn’t any. Instead, all we have are empty words and even emptier promises falling from bureaucrats’ mouths, like water over a cliff. It sure looks and sounds good, but then it falls away into nothingness. Why are we still tolerating this? After almost 70 years have we learned nothing? Can we honestly still say that the U.N. is useful? Is it stopping violence?

Every day we read fresh stories of violence in the Middle East, Ukraine, Africa, and elsewhere. We watch prisoners executed or burned alive on television. Maybe the U.N. doesn’t get those channels. We read about indiscriminate shelling of villages and towns by so called “rebels” in Ukraine. The U.N. response? Meaningless sanctions. A few pieces of paper banning trade aren’t going to stop the Russian empire. Speeches won’t stop ISIS’ rampage. The world needs action.

That means America must step up to the plate, to assume the mantle as the protector of the free world, and to bring order to the chaos. If the U.N. won’t act (and we all know it won’t), we must. Someone has to stop the indiscriminate slaughter of the innocent, before that becomes so common no one cares. We can’t just go around saying how awful ISIS is and how “something needs to happen.” We need to actually follow through with action. Look at tiny, problem-plagued Jordan. ISIS executed one of theirs, and they are striking back with ferocity unseen in the past decade. They took it personally, as they should, and now they are moving heaven and earth to destroy those who would harm their citizens. Not too long ago, that was us. We wouldn’t let terrorist scum execute American citizens and do nothing. We would have hit ISIS with everything we have to stop them.

We talk about American superiority, we talk about American uniqueness, but are we following through with action? Our allies aren’t lifting a finger to stop terrorism. Sure, they’ll send some old stuff to appear supportive, but that’s their limit. It’s up to us. Some argue that we shouldn’t take unilateral action; that it isn’t up to us to decide what’s best for the world. They are right. America shouldn’t be in charge of everything. But in reality, if no one else will stop the raping, the pillaging, and the murdering that is occurring at unprecedented levels, it’s up to us.

If Russia wants a fight, they’ve got one. Let them be reminded of which country won the Cold War. Let them remember what happens when you try to take on America.

If ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and every other two-bit terrorist crackpot organization drunk on the power that comes from killing the defenseless wants to eliminate us “evil westerners,” let’s show them what happens when you try it. If they want to eliminate us, we must not rest until every single one of them has been eliminated.

We must we fight. We are Americans. We must never back down.

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