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Is Jeb Bush Proving to Be Tough or a Soft Act of Love on Immigration?

Jerry McConnell · Feb. 23, 2015

An earlier Washington Examiner editorial positioned Republican presidential probable candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as a not very conservative office seeker based on his talk about acts of love. This was based on a CNN interview with Dana Davidsen with Bush at College Station, Texas, on a Sunday Town Hall event to honor the elder GHW Bush’s 25th presidential anniversary.

“Jeb Bush said Sunday that many who illegally come to the United States do so out of an ‘act of love’ for their families and should be treated differently than people who illegally cross U.S. borders or overstay visas.”

Huh? And how do we separate those who ‘illegally come to the U. S. out of love’ from those who illegally cross U. S. borders? Could this be called a “Bushism”?

But yeah, sure, the illegals come to the U. S. out of an “act of love” – the act of love of our money, the love of free educations, clothing, housing, welfare, food stamps; why not? All they’re doing is sneaking in illegally and they’re getting a free pass for the rest of their lives on the backs of centuries of hard working American citizens who thought they were working for money for their children who will now be left without an inheritance because Obama, the Islamic THIEF took it all away and gave it to ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Jeb Bush is a absolute fool to be in favor of allowing law breaking aliens to take over jobs at which millions of unemployed American citizens should have first choice. Then AFTER all Americans who WANT to work have gotten jobs is when LEGAL immigrants who followed the rules and regulations and entered this country LEGALLY should be next in line for those jobs.

Obama and his crooked henchmen, the Liberal Democrat politicians, say our immigration system MUST be reformed. That is pure obamacrap; the only reform it needs is to keep corrupt and crooked politicians’ hands out of the money pots and the devious minds out of any Liberal Democrat style corrupt reforms. The only thing our current immigration rules need is not REFORM but total ENFORCEMENT.

Those rules were working effectively for all the years since they were enacted and maintained along the way until the Liberal Democrats saw ways to enrich themselves and their friends and perpetuate their terms in office by allowing swarms of illegal aliens to freely cross our borders and sign up for “freebies” from Carter, G W Bush, Clinton and in a BIG way by the worst president this country has ever had, the Muslim Barack Hussein Obama.

Jeb Bush has the audacity to say, as posted by CNN’s Dana Davidsen last April when she quoted the junior Bush as saying, “Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love. I honestly think that is a different kind of crime.”

So now breaking our laws by crossing our borders is a different kind of crime. In this kind of crime there obviously is no penalty; in fact, there are huge rewards in the form of unbelievable “give-aways” of our tax-paying citizens’ money for almost anything these leeches desire.

Obama the chief giver of ‘goodies’ is happy to hear that, I am sure, so now he has someone to share the negatives of out-of-control national government debt that is soaring over EIGHTEEN TRILLION dollars with the only thing in sight the huge amounts being added as Bush’s “Act of Love” gets fully underway should he become President J. Bush.

Check out some rhetoric that this Johnny-come-lately, wannabee POTUS Bushie told CNN’s Davidsen. “Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s an act of love. I honestly think that is a different kind of crime. coming to this country to provide for their families,” he said.

Uh, well, wait a minute now; isn’t that why ALL immigrants, legal and illegal, come to this country? But then, there’s no question; if you come to America under Obama and the un-American Liberal Democrats’ procedures, you get more free benefits than if you applied for entry and waited your turn, you most likely wouldn’t be able to get all that free stuff the illegals do.

Coming in under the Obama/Democrat illegal way you gain more freebies; but you have to vote as they instruct you.

Also coming into the Bush candidacy question is the prominent political pundit, Byron York, writing for the Washington Examiner’s January 27, 2015 online article, “Will Jeb Bush deport four million illegal immigrants? York reported on Bush’s more or less ‘soft’ side writings and also those of more conservative Republicans like Steve King, R-Iowa, who is not ‘soft’ in his assessments.

King, like me, is very much opposed to the Democratic notion of "immigration reform” and is a hardliner for rapid deportation of illegally in the country aliens, and supporting the current laws regulating overall immigration procedures.

Bush, author of the “Act of Love” immigrant description, is not enamored of certain immigrants in the country that become illegal due to expired visas, etc. saying, “We need to swiftly deport individuals who overstay their visas rather than allowing them to stay indefinitely or to pursue multiple appeals.”

Bush also commits a capital sin against conservative movements all over the country as he continues to heap praise on a conservative no-no called Common Core. Senator Rand Paul, a no-nonsense Conservative Republican with Libertarian leanings, is appalled that Bush so ardently adores Common Core, as do most conservatives.

But all of the candidates bear watching and monitoring during the remaining 20 some months until the 2016 elections. Questions on their key positions on the major issues will be a must if we are to learn exactly where they will stand if elected. Any candidate showing signs of being a “will-o-the-wisp” flip-flopper will not be the type to be dependable that can be counted on.

Watch ‘em close.

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