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Doggone in North Carolina

L.E. Brown · Feb. 23, 2015

A North Carolina dog has been ordered out of the state and won’t be allowed to return.

As of February 9 the dog, Honey, had ten days to be doggone.

A story about the dog appeared February 10 in the “StarNews,” published in Wilmington, N.C., the county seat of New Hanover County.

Not only is the city kicking out a dog named Honey, it is also, according to the newspaper, sanctioning the murder of 50 trees, with another 81 on the “to-do” list.

One might expect such doings from an area of heartless conservatism, but not from a state like liberal, progressive North Carolina.

No greater heart has the state shown than by its treatment of illegal immigrants.

For decades North Carolina has led the nation in throwing out the welcome mat to illegal immigrants, offering jobs, government financial assistance, free education and the opportunity to vote.

Some twenty years ago, under the leadership of Mike Easley, then the state’s attorney general, later its two-term governor, the state became the only one of the 50 states to provide illegal immigrants an easy route to obtaining a driver’s license.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles was ordered to draw up an “identification” document if an applicant had need of one to qualify for a license.

No one who wanted one was to be denied a driver’s license became the state’s official policy.

That’s why North Carolinians couldn’t understand when it was considered “news” when it was announced recently that California was making it easier for illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.

So, given the state’s record of passion for the downtrodden and the industries that employ them, there is no doubt that efforts to export illegal immigrants wouldn’t be tolerated.

Some think that North Carolina’s open border policy has been wildly successful. What has without a doubt been successful is that the pro-illegal campaign by government and civilian leaders, mainstream media and politicians has resulted in taming the public, including taxpayers who fund the free programs so that today one rarely hears a complaint. If one does arise, it is quickly subdued, with the complainer shamed as an unfeeling, uncaring cad.

Especially as one who hates “chirrun.”

But, strangely, at least thus far, there appears to have been no concerted state-wide effort to stop the deportation of Honey the Dog.

Reportedly, some people have found it immensely troubling and can’t understand why the state’s leadership hasn’t stepped in to stop the deportation of an innocent dog, or the slaying of equally innocent trees.

It took Yankees to step in and save Honey.

It appears that the people at animal services were set to kill the dog, until a Wilmington law firm representing the Yankees took the matter to court.

In a legal settlement, ownership of the dog was transferred February 9 from the New Hanover Sheriff’s Office Animal Services Unit to a group calling itself The Lexus Project, based in New York, which describes itself as an advocacy group.

At present, it is not publicly known if the dog has already left North Carolina, or if she has, what manner of transportation she took. Reportedly, a co-founder and general counsel of The Lexus Project is also a commercial rated-private pilot.

According to the Project’s Internet website, a wing of the organization, called Pilots and Paws, consists of “an all-volunteer group who use their own planes to fly animals from one point, usually out of an emergency situation to the safety of an adoption group waiting on the other end with open arms.”

From reading the newspaper story about Honey, we learn that she has been “deemed potentially dangerous.” The trees, according to the story about them, are “troubled.”

But Honey reportedly has never bitten anyone.

And, though some say the trees are diseased or decaying, progressive people think that more pruning would prevent them from falling on people traveling streets.

Maybe it will take other Yankees to save the trees.

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