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Democrats to Pick 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee

L.E. Brown · Mar. 6, 2015

For the next national election cycle, the most important question may be not who will be the Republican nominee, but whether the mainstream media, aided by establishment/moderate Republicans and the Democratic Party in general – or grassroots/conservative/Tea Party-like Republicans – will pick the next Republican presidential nominee.

Experienced political campaign watchers know its important to pay more attention to the candidate favored by the mainstream media and other people who run things than to what voters think.

Right now the three favorites for establishment types seem to be Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney (he may re-enter the race, primarily because he enjoys being a losing nominee) and Lindsay Graham.

Christie’s aura seems to be fading, as his fatness as a commodity has grown fainter; Bush has come to be even more boring and wooden than his father; and Graham, not a strong man to begin with, is being worn down as happens over a period of time to those playing a dual role of voting and compromising like a liberal while playing a conservative on television.

Dark-horses include Colin Powell, who thinks he should have been the nominee instead of George W. Bush, and John McCain, who enjoys running a losing nominee campaign even more than Romney.

All of the above have one thing in common, they are sure to lose to the Democratic nominee, whether it be Hillary Clinton, Al Franken, Oprah Winfrey or Pee Wee Herman.
Democrats, unlike Republicans, don’t have fond memories of losers, so therefore won’t even consider for nomination the likes of Jimmy Carter, Michael Dukakis, Al Gore or John Kerry.

However, all seriousness aside, the national presidential election is likely to be overshadowed by a struggle for the post of leader of the world, if one of my main political advisers is right.

Stigman Statesman, admittedly practically unknown, unreliable and unstable, who claims he lives in Outer Walla Walla, Minnesota, believes that a dramatic power struggle is going on for who will become the czar of an expected new world order likely to be finalized by the end of 2015.

The story is that the United Nations’ charter will be revamped and reorganized so as to wield dominance over all sovereign nations. Central to the reorganization is a mandate to bring all nations’ military and police departments under control of the United Nations.

Thus the man or woman who assumes the leadership of this new body will, in effect, rule the world.

At present, says Statesman, Barack Obama has the inside track.

If, as expected, Obama nationalizes all U.S. police departments and federalizes state militias he would be in a powerful position. As commander-in-chief of this large force, as well as already being commander of U.S. armed forces, it would be difficult for him to be successfully challenged.

However, Malighman Statesman, the equally unknown, unreliable and unstable brother of Stigman, who claims he lives in Outer Walla Walla, New Mexico, maintains that Obama is not a shoo-in, if Vladimir Putin, Russia’s dictator, decides to mount a challenge.

As he has demonstrated, Obama is no match for Putin. Besides, new-world-order people have long shown a fondness for communism. And they have been emboldened by its resurgence since the dark days after the fall of the old Soviet Union. Financial and moral support from U.S. presidents since Bush the First hasn’t been for naught.

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