The Patriot Post® · American Second Amendment Infringment

By Ray Thomas ·

The Administration is going after ammo but that’s no surprise. All Barack Obama had to do is watch the popular TV show “Revolution.” In that show, the totalitarian leader didn’t go after the firearms, here went after the ammo. It is a simple ideal. Without ammo, a gun is no more than a high tech club!

The reason we even have a Second Amendment is not for hunting. It is was and is the protection of the people from an overreaching government. Please look over the following: I recently saw a cartoon intended to denigrate the 2nd Amendment rights by showing a tally board with “tyrants blocked” on one side with no marks. The other side had “teachers, students, kids, etc. killed” filled with marks. This display has two major failings by ignoring logic and ignoring history.

Reality first. More kids (just kids) are killed each week by drunk drivers than everyone killed by a gun in a whole year. If they really are concerned for innocents, then they should be after drunk drivers. Even now, we don’t vilify the car because it a drunk kills someone with it. There is NOT even a weak argument for driving drunk!

In recent years “in-the-know-parents” have opted out of many childhood vaccinations saying there are no outbreaks of Measles, Mumps, Whooping Cough, etc. ; therefore we don’t need the shots. Guess what diseases are infecting a whole new generation. Right! Measles, Mumps, and Whooping Cough. Ya think the reasons there were no prior outbreak was the fact that we vaccinated and the diseases came back when the kids had no protection? Prevention is a better plan than cure. Speaking of prevention…

U.S. History reality: The French King wanted the Ohio River Valley and the western end of most of the Colonies. The Despot started the French and Indian War. The American Colonials were excellent shots and the French Kings plans failed. DESPOT ONE was blocked by an armed American population. Most remembered what followed to an English King. Gen Washington had a rag-tag army of American armed civilians and he beat the best army in the world at that time. DESPOT TWO blocked. In 1812, the English King went for a replay. We still sing of Col. Jackson going to New Orleans with another rag-tag army of American armed Tennessee citizens. DESPOT THREE blocked. During the Civil War, the South tried to get both the French and English to come into the conflict on the South’s side. They considered their past experience with armed American citizens and declined. DESPOT FOUR blocked. During World War 1, Germany tried to convince Mexico to take back the Southwest, keeping the U.S. too busy to get involved in Europe. Remembering armed citizens, Mexico respectfully declined. DESPOT FIVE blocked. As a side note, Germany did succeed in keeping Russia out of WWI by sending and funding a guy to overthrow the Czar and keep Russia out of WWI. The guy was Lenin who recruited a guy named Stalin. No armed Russian armed civilians, no despot blocked.

The capping history is much more telling. Japanese Admiral Yamamoto wrote to critics who thought he should have invaded the U.S. West Coast right after Pearl Harbor. His response? “I am confident the Japanese Imperial Army could defeat the US Army. During my years as part of the Japanese Embassy in Washington, I travel all over. I found about half of American household have arms. They are quite proud of their marksmanship. This is higher in the Western part of the U.S. We could never defeat an armed American population. The Army would be killed to the last man. It would be a waste of our honorable men.” DESPOT SIX blocked.

Maybe the reason we have not had anyone try to take U.S. soil since 1812 is one simple reason. They fear an armed American population! Delete this factor and guess what will result! A homegrown despot would take over.

Summary: Here is what our Founding Fathers, specifically Thomas Jefferson, clearly and concisely wrote in 1789 Constitution Bill of Rights Amendments #2: “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Interpretation is unnecessary since it is not legalese.