The Patriot Post® · Clintons Chortling, Are Happy Warriors

By L.E. Brown ·

It’s an observation unlikely to be seen in the mainstream media: Bill and Hillary Clinton are never happier when they are being attacked by inept Republicans.
This happiness began developing 1990-1991 soon after the Clintons were first packaged by the liberal establishment and presented for the nation to see.

Successfully weathering, with strong help from the national media, the issues of Bill’s womanizing, Hillary’s lawyer-like cover-ups and the so-called Whitewater togetherness, convinced the Clintons that they could overcome any obstacles Republicans and others could throw in their way.
And have fun doing it, although they couldn’t show that mirth in public, lest it appear that they were mocking the little people, about whom they cared deeply.

In the early days, Republicans were enthusiastic, even at times thinking they were going to win, and destroy the Clintons. 
But over the years, after all failures and no victories, these attackers, understandably, just don’t have their hearts in the battle anymore.

Who can blame Hillary Clinton if she is confident enough to say “Poof” to any modern accusations thrown her way?
Ever since1991, when the elite national media chose Bill and Hillary, as their president a their first lady, even respectfully so, Republicans and other non-progressive people have tried to nail their hides to the proverbial wall, and failed.

One has to admire the Clintons for their strength and resiliency, when one thinks of the years of “chicanery, sleaze, dodging, parsing, word play,” to paraphrase the words of pseudo-conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer.

That’s why it is easy to understand why Hillary is certain she will escape from any serious damage in the wake of recent revelations that she kept a personal email account while doing business in the name of the United States government.
She undoubtedly thinks that the thing is just another Benghazi moment, which, with time, passed.

These nights, before they go to be bed, Bill and Hillary Clinton must be chortling more than ever about the day’s events, as happy as crows, no matter who they are preparing to sleep with.

When she managed to stop laughing after the news first broke, the woman once known as the smartest woman on the planet, and after much thought and reflection, decided that about half the messages she accumulated while Secretary of State were about matters of a personal nature of no importance to anyone else but herself, so she deleted them.
And, using that same line of reasoning, she has also decided that messages that might be stored on her personal server are no business of the public, or of snoopers.

Hillary is also confident that “this too shall pass” regarding contributions to her “charitable” foundation from foreign governments and their leaders.

Early on, the Clintons found that, with the help of friends in high places, and of low people in the mainstream media, they could slither out from night into day, remove their oily coats, and become slick and shiny.

If Hillary levied her influence as Secretary of State to procure donations from sheiks, ayatollahs, FOP (Friends of Putin) and Hollywood deep thinkers like Tom Hanks and Mortimer Snerd, why is it anyone’s business but theirs, hers and Bill’s, in the privacy of their bedroom, or in anyone else’s bedroom in which they might happen to find themselves?

The idea that she has done something wrong, or at least wrong enough to warrant punishment, is absurd and quite funny, if you think about it, and Hillary does, think it absurd and funny, that is.

Even the mention that she might go to jail, as one leading progressive newspaper columnist has surmised, sometimes causes Hillary to go into uncontrollable laughter. If Bill is present, he joins the hilarity, sometimes falling on his knees and rolling on the carpet like a hound dog.

L.E. Brown, Jr. is a columnist based in Magnolia, N.C. Email him at [email protected]