The Patriot Post® · Political Donors vs. the People

By Andy Kerl Jr. ·

The heated ravings by some at the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the eventual outcome of the dispute should be a wakeup call to all Americans.

Governor Pence and the Indiana Legislature along with the Legislature and Governor of Arkansas, who vetoed the same bill there, caved to corporate political pressure and revised their respective RFRA laws to accommodate the corporations who substantially fund political campaigns.

The narrative sold by a left leaning media misrepresented the intent of the bill and it’s effect on the citizens of Indiana.

The assumption of the media was that if someone had religious conscience and convictions they must therefore be a bigoted homophobe who must be chastised by government action.

Corporate America seemingly holds the same views. It wasn’t the protesters on the Statehouse steps that alarmed the politicians involved as much as the monied corporate voices opposed to the RFRA laws and their subsequent threats to withdraw economic activity.

This squabble fully illustrated the overwhelming political power exercised by Corporate America. No longer are corporations and their leaders just businessmen providing products in the marketplace and profits to their stockholders but a driving force in American Politics.

Businesses from the very inception of the United States of America have used monetary clout to seek advantage to their business through political cronyism, but today they use business success and profits to drive political agendas outside their business scope.

From George Soros on the left to the Koch brothers on the right, and almost every company, union and organization in between, all seem hell bent on changing the fabric of American Society by buying political favor all with the stamp of approval of the Supreme Court.

To what end are these titans of political cronyism exercising their political power? Perhaps the better question is: Who do Our Representatives in government serve? The donors to their campaigns or the People?