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Obama Choses Demonization Over Faith!

Leigh Bravo · Apr. 9, 2015

“The resurrection of Jesus changes the face of death for all His people. Death is no longer a prison, but a passage into God’s presence. Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there." —Clarence W. Hall

At a time when Christians were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, an Islamic terrorist group, Al-Shabaab, slaughtered 147 innocent students. All Christians. Yet again, President Obama refused to acknowledge that the continuous slaughter of Christians around the world by Islamic extremists are actually connected to Islam in any way. President Obama was able to complete his entire statement regarding the slaughter at Garissa University College without mentioning the words, "Christian,” “Islam,” “Al-Shabaab,” “Islamists,” or “Islamic extremism.”

However, on Tuesday morning’s Easter Prayer Breakfast, President Obama managed to single out and demonize Christians once again.

“On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I am supposed to love, and I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less-than-loving expression by Christians, I get concerned.”

Instead of celebrating the resurrection of Christ, President Obama decided it was appropriate to stray from his planned speech to remind us that Christians, in his opinion, are "less-than-loving?“ Did he chose to tell us how "less-than-loving" the Islamic extremists were that chose to slaughter 147 Kenyan students because of their Christian beliefs? Did he chose to tell us how horrific the slaughter and persecution of Christians around the world has been?

  • "We are not at war with Islam” —Obama

  • “Just because you have the right to say something doesn’t mean the rest of us shouldn’t question those who would insult others in the name of free speech.” —Obama

  • “And lest we get on our high horse … remember during the Crusades and the Inquisition committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” —Obama

  • “Slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.” —Obama

Obama is also highly critical of the Religious freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas because he believes this will allow Christians to discriminate against gays, even though the laws make it illegal to discriminate against anyone. However, when a Muslim bakery is caught on tape refusing to bake a gay wedding cake, the silence from this White House was deafening. Does his blanket condemnation only apply to Christians?

 Do ALL Christians make non-loving statements? No. Do ALL followers of Islam believe in the slaughter of Christians? No. If our President refuses to attach “Islamic” extremism to the continued beheadings, burnings and abuse of innocents, then why does he find it so easy to attach “non-loving statements” and the “violence in the Crusades” and “Jim Crow laws” to Christians?

Why is the President of the United States so attuned to appeasing the Islamic world by refusing to connect Islam extremism to the continued destruction and slaughter of Christians around the world, rather than focusing on lifting up the American people and the world with words of hope and inspiration to believers of all faiths?

In a speech on February 19, to U.S. and foreign officials who met to discuss minimizing jihadi violence, Obama said,  "When people spew hatred toward others — because of their faith or because they’re immigrants — it feeds into terrorist narratives. … It feeds a cycle of fear and resentment and a sense of injustice upon which extremists prey… [W]e have to ensure that our diverse societies truly welcome and respect people of all faiths and backgrounds.“

 President Obama got a portion of it right in this speech, "When you spew hatred towards others because of their faith … you feed a cycle of resentment and a sense of injustice.”

This he has accomplished, right here in the United States!

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