The Patriot Post® · Gun Violence

By Anton D. Rehling ·

News flash: Gun violence is not a phenomenon that needs analysis. Firearms have been around for 500 years or longer, depending upon who you ask. Violent encounters between the good, the bad and the ugly have been happening for tens of thousands of years with what were then modern weapons, knives, swords, clubs, fists, spears, arrows shot from a bow.

All those who are horrified by any violence and use of weapons and think it will stop by removing any type of defensive weapons from the population have their head in the clouds of pure ignorance. You cannot restrict the ownership of defensive weapons because some tyrant or criminal misuses them for evil intent. Those who advocate that do not live in the real world, that is until they face the specter of their death by someone who could care less if there is tight gun control laws that are imposed upon all people. Gun bans do nothing but disarm potential victims and make committing crime a lot safer.

Worldwide criminal enterprise is huge business producing billions of dollars per year, more than all the Fortune 500 companies combined. Those who are not savvy enough to obtain millions and billions of dollars like organized crime, but have the same criminal mentality that believes work is for chumps, have chosen, what they believe to be, the easy way and have no problem getting what they want through criminal activity and force.

Those who do not accept responsibility for their own defense and think the police will protect them will never see the chalk line that may be draw around their cold bodies as part of the police investigation of their violent deaths. If one ignores a basic human responsibility for their own defense and refuses to prepare for that possible day, even though that day may never come, will never forgive themselves if one day they are forced to stand by and watch a love one’s life end because of a fantasy belief that left them unarmed and an easy victim.

The source of crime and violence is not the presence of a weapon, specifically today, a firearm, a gun, a smoke wagon or whatever you want to call it; it is the criminal and you cannot control a criminal by disarming their potential victims.

Those of us that realize since the beginning, the human race has always had violent people and tyrannical governments. The best defense, that can be obtained today, is a well-functioning fire arm. The way to stop criminals and keep tyranny in check is not a gun free zone but an armed population.