The Patriot Post® · A Different Set of Rules

By Anton D. Rehling ·

In my view, liberal opinion on anything that has to do with morals and maturity is mired in a continuing lack of understanding not far beyond a baby crying because it is hungry.

On the subject of their belief in God or not is immaterial to the truth of the universe.

It strongly appears that the modern liberal cannot deal with the possibility that there is a power greater than they; sort of like, but not to the high level of, a “know it all teen” with their vast knowledge and experience.

The current breed of Liberal Progressives, whose opinion of how the world should be, is only one of many differing opinions in the world at large, but to the liberal, everyone who is cool and intelligent will follow the liberal socialist doctrine, all others are hateful bigots. Ronald Reagan said it right: “Liberals know so much that just isn’t so.”

There is nothing in their liberal doctrine that has any granted power over me, to compel me to change my way of belief and take away my rights as a free man. People have fought and died to preserve their religious freedom and make no mistake about it will do so again if force to choose between capitulating their faith and facing the brute force of anti-freedom government and their rabid liberal minions. The choice is quite simple.

The liberal gay agenda does not trump what is Christian belief and traditions and there is absolutely no power I or millions of others have granted them to change established religious belief, thousands of years of tradition and way of thinking by attempting to force Christians into adopting a different set of rules that are defined and acceptable to the liberal doctrine followers. 

Liberals has assumed a power to force Christians into compliance to what the Liberal Progressives view of the world is. YOU will comply with the liberal view of what the world is or you WILL suffer at their hand and from the liberal supporting media as well; they all want you to believe resistance is futile.

The Liberal core is mired in the socialist doctrine and is not a doctrine this United States of America was founded upon; the benevolence of government has evolved to know no bounds in dictating not only our daily lives and percent of retained income but now assumes the power to dictate our daily religious beliefs by restricting our freedom to only do and say what is acceptable to the Liberal Doctrine, Christianity be dammed.