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The Buck Stops Where?

William Stoecker · Apr. 29, 2015

After the Clinton regime ordered the raid on the Branch Davidians in Waco and burned some eighty human beings alive, including about twenty children, Attorney General Janet Reno took “full responsibility,” knowing full well that she and the Clintons would never pay for the atrocity — at least not in this world. Our President Hussein took “full responsibility” for the drone strike in 4/15 that killed two hostages, but he will never really be held accountable. We have all heard of the “buck stops here” concept, yet no one ever seems to be held accountable for anything anymore. The riots in Baltimore are a case in point.

The excuse for the riots was the yet-unexplained death of a black man, Freddie Gray, while in police custody. His death certainly looks highly suspicious, and it is true that a small but growing number of police officers are essentially criminals hiding behind badges. But Gray was a career criminal, not some honorable black man going about his business. As for the notion that blacks are being targeted by police, that there is an epidemic of police murders of blacks, it is totally false. Police kill more whites than they do blacks, despite the fact that blacks commit most of the crime.

But, assuming that Gray was murdered by the police (not proven), who is responsible for the ongoing federalization and militarization of the police that arguably has contributed to many of them becoming more brutal and violent? The Police Commissioner in Baltimore is a black man. Does not that particular buck stop with him? The mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, is a black woman and a liberal Democrat. Is she not largely responsible for what happens or fails to happen in her city? And it was she who insisted on giving the rioters “space,” and her police repeatedly backed off and let the looters steal and wreck and burn. This is reminiscent of the way that LA police retreated from the initial riot at Florence and Normandie on 3/3/91, or the way the police in Ferguson failed to protect businesses from looting. Governor Larry Hogan is a white Republican, but Freddie Gray was not in the custody of state police when he died. The federal government has increasingly been selling military hardware to local police and giving them some training, as well as kicking back some local tax dollars to them — with strings attached. The last time I checked, Hussein was our President, and has been since 2009, and he is a Democrat and allegedly half black. He is in charge of the Executive Branch of our government (actually, he seems to be pretty much in charge of all of it). If the police are at least party equipped and trained by the Federal Government, isn’t Hussein responsible?

As for the looters themselves, those adorable “students” and “youths,” they are the human scum, raised on welfare, beneficiaries of affirmative action, who have been committing most of the crime in Baltimore (and other cities) for decades, often raping, robbing, beating, and murdering the white “racists” who so cruelly “oppress” them. As in Ferguson, L.A., and many other cities, all they need is an excuse to kick it up a notch and riot. And who turned so many inner city people into criminal parasites? The “liberals” are the ones who have systematically undermined marriage and the family and Judeo-Christian morality. They are the ones who have given welfare for votes, so that several generations have been taught that the world owes them a living. And it is “liberals” who have coddled criminals for decades, effectively teaching them that they can get away with anything. If at least the police had used force, even deadly force, at the very start of the looting, the riot might have been stopped. Of course, everyone says that such “brutality” would have “inflamed” the rioters, but, in fact, it is the lack of such a response that has caused one riot after another all over America.

And now it is too late. Baltimore will never recover from the riots, from crime, from wasteful spending, from misrule. And neither will America.

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