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The Long, Hot Summer

William Stoecker · May 26, 2015

Every time I have tried to predict even the near future based on prognostication from past and current events and trends, I’ve been wrong. The biggest surprise for me is the fact that the banksters have been able to manipulate the debt and keep our economy (barely) afloat as long as they have. But I never learn, so I’m going to try my hand as a prophet one more time. In the next few months, things will go to Hell in a handbasket. Things have been getting worse for a long time, but the process is beginning to accelerate. We’ve slid far enough down the slippery slope that we are now virtually in free fall.

Against the backdrop of our national debt and our negative trade balance, the drought in the West, particularly here in the People’s Republic of California, is getting worse. This is the summer when water rationing will really begin to hurt us, and significant rain in California before September at the earliest is rare even in the best of times. And the fire season is just beginning. Illegal aliens continue to pour in, Democrat voters welcomed by Jerry Moonbeam and his cronies, all of them needing water. Heavy clouds have covered the state several times yet have produced little or no precipitation. Have our leftist masters never heard of cloud seeding? It would have been worth trying, but no, solving problems is not their thing, which is why there is no rush to build more dams or to build desalination plants. And the precious water here in the northern part of the state continues to flow into the Bay to help the delta smelt or whatever. All of America will pay for this in grocery bills, and if we do not get massive precipitation next fall and winter we may face a catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

When a police officer shot low-life punk Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the usual rent-a-mob was soon out in force, with dozens of professionally-made signs, which just happened to be ready and waiting. Now many of the rioters are angered that they were not paid as promised by MORE (Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment), an ACORN successor funded by (you guessed it) Comrade George Soros (I like to call the monster George Sauron). After Freddie Gray died in Baltimore the rent-a-mob turned out again with plenty of manufactured signs, destroying their own community and attacking Whites, which they do all the time anyway, since Whites have apparently forgotten how to fight back. Now, encouraged by our President Hussein Obama, the rioters are sure to be very, very active this summer, and in cities like Baltimore (and Chicago, NYC, etc.) the law abiding citizens, both Black and White, have largely been disarmed by our leftist elites. That’s very thoughtful of them. They don’t miss a trick.

And all of this will coincide with Jade Helm, a huge domestic military exercise. Our troops will be training (if that’s what it is about), not in simulated Iraqi cities, but in American cities, which, amazingly, are very similar to American cities. Given that the regime refuses to speak ill of the devotees of the “religion of peace” but has identified U.S. veterans, Christians, preppers, home schoolers — all the usual suspects — as “potential terrorists,” many of us are just a tad nervous, and have taken the safeties off. Even if Jade Helm really is just an exercise, the potential for tragic misunderstandings is enormous, and, of course, would provide our masters with the perfect excuse to do the mass arrest thing — and their troops will already be perfectly positioned. It don’t get no better than that.

We’re not clear of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) yet. The RINOS in Congress may yet pass it, even though Big Squaw Chief Warren has, for once in her miserable life, done the right thing and opposed it. If it goes through, it will take away the last few remnants of our freedom, our prosperity, and our sovereignty.

Meanwhile, the (probable) illegal alien in the White House has effectively opened our southern border to Latin Americans coming here to take jobs from Americans, suck up welfare benefits, negatively impact our schools and medical facilities (already reeling under the impact of ObamaCare), and commit crimes and acts of terrorism. Thanks to our glorious leaders, the Mexican drug cartels and sadistic gangs like MS-13 are already here, along with hundreds of thousands of Muslims. Obama is bringing in thousands more, including Syrian “refugees,” but persecuted Middle Eastern Christians and German home schoolers need not apply. Rest assured that more Islamic terrorist attacks are coming to our heartland.

Little known to most people, the UN this September 25-27 will have a “sustainable development” summit. For those not familiar with the concept, it is really a kind of code name for the UN’s Agenda Twenty One, never disavowed or opposed in any way by our current regime. As part of this agenda, the UN has published maps showing how much land will be designated “wild land” and closed to all human activities — like farming, ranching, logging, mining, or even watershed. Anyone even vaguely familiar with the area needed to grow enough food to feed the people of our country can tell at a glance that implementation of this madness would lead to mass starvation. As the saying goes, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

We are in for a very rough ride. Prep, lock, and load.

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