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The Girly Man Army

William Stoecker · Jun. 11, 2015

Recently the heavily armed Iraqi Army (trained by the US military) ran away from a numerically inferior Isis army, abandoning most of their heavy weapons and equipment to the enemy — weapons we had supplied to them. This is yet another example — and history is replete with such — of the importance of leadership, training and discipline. If the soldiers are undisciplined and untrained and the officers are cowardly and/or corrupt, no amount of weapons and no number of troops can guarantee victory. The intangibles — mutual trust and esprit de corps — are vital. But could the same thing happen to the US military? Are we beginning to lose the discipline, pride, and confidence in the leaders that has in the past propelled us to victory?

The fact is that just like the rest of our society, the US military is being feminized and homosexualized. Add to that the harm wrought by affirmative action, the lowering of standards, and, increasingly, the lack of honor among general and flag rank officers.

In all of our wars, even the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, a tiny number of exceptional women (and even teenage girls) have served in front line units, often by disguising themselves as men. Beginning in WWI the Navy and Marines enlisted some 12,000 women auxiliaries, but they were not allowed to serve in combat or on ships. In WWII women were commissioned as nurses, and, in 1942, the Army created the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps. The Navy created the WAVEs (Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service) that same year, and the USMC and Coast Guard also enlisted women. The Army Air Force established the WASPs (Women’s Air Force Service Pilots) to ferry aircraft from one location to another. Altogether, some 350,000 women served in the military, but, although nurses came under fire and some were killed or captured, no women served in combat units.

That changed as radical feminists, the Twisted Sisters of Perpetual Outrage, advanced their cause. By the time of the Gulf War women served on ships and piloted helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. Some were decorated and hailed as heroes, as “proof” that women belonged in combat units, but many of us have learned to take any reports from the government or the controlled media with a grain of salt. There is no denying that women can become excellent pilots, and they can become excellent marksmen. A very tiny percentage of them, sometimes even without steroid enhancement, can become stronger and more fit than many men. I have myself climbed mountains with women, and rappelled down walls and even into caves, and scuba-dived and sky dived with them — I realize that many of them are capable of great courage. But do they belong in combat units? Is it natural for them to be warriors, or is this just another example of the Sisters’ ongoing revolt against nature?

In 2014 some 14 women volunteered for and were accepted by the USMC infantry officer course. To even begin this course, a Marine officer must survive OCS, which is boot camp on steroids, and then complete the six month Basic Course. Even with all of this preparation, the infantry school for officers is so grueling that some men do not complete it. And of the 14 women, all but one quit or failed to meet the standards and were dropped the first day. One lasted a few days longer. Yet the Army, months later, accepted 19 women for Ranger School, eight weeks of dangerous confidence courses, climbing and parachuting, extreme physical effort, sleep and even food deprivation. Usually about half the men cannot make it. Eight of the 19 women quit or were dropped within a few days, and 11 lasted a few days longer. Three of them were allowed to try again, and still did not survive the first (Benning) phase. Yet, incredibly, the Navy plans to accept women for BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition School), the first step to becoming a SEAL, a course that in some ways is even harder than Ranger School, and much longer.

Based on patterns that have become all too familiar, we can confidently predict that, very soon, the Sisters will be clamoring for a lowering of standards. People who have never been in combat, never even served in the military, people who have (for the most part) led comfortable, even privileged lives, will inform us that they know better than the military leaders what is needed to prepare people for combat. Now, we can debate certain aspects of military training. We could argue that the prolonged food and sleep deprivation of Ranger School is counterproductive, since graduates suffer repetitive stress injuries and actually lose muscle mass. We could debate the merits of subjecting men to intense physical conditioning, five, six, or even seven days a week, which often leads to overtraining and, again, to injuries. We could argue that two high intensity days per week might be better. But to lower the fitness and other standards will produce soldiers unable to perform in combat. Lowering the standards just for women will lead to more resentment and lower morale.

Homosexuals and lesbians have always served in the military, some with distinction. But their numbers were few, and they had to keep a low profile, and thus had little effect on morale and discipline. But then Clinton, on 2/28/94, mandated the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, effectively inviting more homosexuals and lesbians into the service and making it more difficult to discharge them. Predictably, in the true spirit of incrementalism, a judge decreed on 7/6/11 that the military could no longer exclude or punish sexual deviants, and on 6/8/15 USAF Secretary Deborah James (who has no technical background, and, of course, has never served) decreed that trans-genders would no longer necessarily be discharged. Homosexual “marriages” are now allowed in the military, and, along with all of this, Muslims are enlisted and Christianity is being actively persecuted.

The result, along with damage to morale and discipline, has been a sharp increase in sexual assaults in the military — and many of the victims have been men assaulted by homosexuals. In 2012 there were an estimated 26, 000 assaults, with 3,374 reported; by 2013 5,061 were reported. There are actually more assaults on men than on women. Expect affirmative action to kick in, with preferential treatment being given to Muslims, women, and the growing sexual zoo.

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