The Patriot Post® · The Twisted Sisters of Perpetual Outrage

By William Stoecker ·

Yes, the title refers to radical feminists, the ultimate “againsters,” people who pretend to be for something (the environment, or the “rights” of various allegedly “persecuted” groups — typically melanin-rich minorities, sexual perverts, and, of course, women). When all these alleged minorities are subtracted from the population, almost the only ones left are heterosexual White males — and we truly are a minority. Almost any man who has endured a divorce and contested child custody would argue that we, not the women, are the persecuted ones.

From the very beginning, radical feminism has been associated with Marxism, the ideology that has led to the economic ruin of nations, the enslavement of hundreds of millions, and the murder of tens of millions. The very word “feminisme” was coined by French socialist Charles Fourier in 1837, and yes, socialism (an allegedly softer form of communism) existed before Karl Marx. The International Women’s Suffrage Alliance was formed in 1904; later, it was supported by the UN, a notably corrupt organization founded, supposedly, to bring peace to the world. We can see how that worked out. Susan B. Anthony, a prominent early American suffragette, also demanded equal pay for equal work, and was an ardent abolitionist before the Civil War, and a supporter of the temperance movement (which gave us the marvels of Prohibition and organized crime). Her brother fought for the fanatical, murderous abolitionist, John Brown. Susan B. Anthony never married or had children, but was a close lifelong friend of fellow feminist Elizabeth Stanton. These early efforts led to the Nineteenth Amendment in 1919, giving American women the vote. Eleanor Roosevelt, another woman of uncertain sexual preference, presided over the UN “Human Rights Convention,” which made women’s suffrage a requirement under international law. This has had no effect on the Muslim world. Like all things leftist, when the announced goals of feminism were achieved, the feminists began demanding more, and then more, and the demands never cease. Women’s liberation (a more extreme form of feminism) began in the 1960s, along with all the other leftist movements that appeared after the murder of JFK. The movement was led by the likes of Australian Germaine Greer, who called herself an “anarchist communist,” and American Betty Friedan, who cofounded NOW (National Organization for Women) and was its first president in 1966. She was an admitted communist, from a fairly well-to-do family (like most leftists), and was pro-abortion and pro-lesbian rights, although she herself was straight and seemed to harbor some doubts about baby killing. Then, in the 1990s, the current version of feminism appeared, emphasizing abortion and lesbian rights. This is about when feminists began insisting that there is no physical difference between men and women (!) and claiming that women can be effective policemen, loggers, firefighters, Rangers, SEALs, etc.

People who oppose abortion or want it limited to the first weeks of pregnancy and allowed only in the most extreme circumstances (like rape or incest) are labeled “pro-life” because we oppose the murder of babies. Yet the feminists and others who clamor ceaselessly for unlimited late term and partial birth abortion say that they are “pro-choice.” As a number of commentators have pointed out, the opposite of pro-life is not pro-choice, it is pro-death. Or it could be phrased as “anti-life.” Like I said, the radical feminists are againsters. Judging by recent headlines about an imaginary rape epidemic on college campuses, and the leftist (including feminist) obsession with alleged “micro-aggressions,” these women appear to have a pathological hatred of men, and a hatred of children, marriage, the family, Christianity, Judeo-Christian morality, and free speech.

If feminists are really concerned about the rights of women, why did most of them support Bill Clinton, who cheated on his wife, was credibly accused of forcible rape by several women, and used his authority and the prestige of his office to get sexual favors from a young intern? A man at a university can be accused of sexual harassment if he merely asks a woman for a date, but Clinton gets a pass. And before Monica Lewinsky there was Mary Mahoney, a former intern who threatened to go public with details of her affair with Clinton. But she and several of her co-workers (she had left the White House and was working at a Starbucks) were shot dead. The murder was never solved.

And when have we ever heard a feminist condemn Islam? Not only that, but feminists have overwhelmingly supported leftist politicians (like Obama) who praise Islam as a “religion of peace” and import hundreds of thousands of Muslims into our former Republic. Apparently, the sisters are okay with Muslim fathers who mutilate or murder their daughters for dressing provocatively or dating young men. Apparently the sisters approve of female genital mutilation carried out by Muslims; there have allegedly been over half a million victims in the U.S. alone. Apparently the sisters are happy that women in many Muslim countries are forced to wear black sacks over their heads and are not even allowed to drive. And the sisters support abortion despite the fact that, in nations like China, female babies are selectively murdered far more often than males. Worldwide, it is estimated that 200 million girls have been cut out of the womb by families who want only sons. But the sisters are too busy trying to punish men for being men to bother with such trifles.

In a sense, the Twisted Sisters really are nuns — but they do not serve God. It appears that they are playing for the other team.