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Church Shooting Deaths Have Black Woman Calling for Race War

Jerry McConnell · Jun. 22, 2015

When will the citizens of the United States start demanding that Obama be impeached to end the absolute lawlessness of his administration and curb the resulting deaths that have become so prevalent? His refusal to take any positive action when tragedies occur lead to more wrong moves when he allows his administrators to un-enforce our valid laws.

Incidents like this: Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, who chairs the Senate’s Judiciary Committee, reports ICE has disclosed that of 33,007 illegal immigrants with criminal records released from government custody in 2013, 1,000 were convicted of additional crimes — and 156 were then re-arrested and re-released a second time instead of getting deported.

Never in the history of our once great nation, belittled and weakened of late due to feckless and inefficient leadership, or more precisely, the total absence of ‘leadership’ has our country been in such a moribund state of inertia. Obama’s goals of destroy and destruct this nation and bring it to its knees in mockery to his own position when he faces the grand leaders of Saudi Arabia. Utterly supplicant.

Obama’s haughty demeanor towards the citizens of this country — with the possible exception of those with whom he shares a part of his physical makeup and seems now to be more confused when compared to Rachael Dolezal, who isn’t sure what race she is, and Bruce Jenner, who isn’t sure whether to stand up or sit down going to the bathroom — make many good citizens cringe at his constant barb and arrow slinging when speaking of America.

I firmly believe that Obama is genuinely dedicated to delivering the sovereignty of our good nation to the corrupt and devious United Nations, which hasn’t drawn favorable ratings from Americans in its existence.

But the position of Obama in regards to his favored American citizens who, along with the unwelcome hordes of illegal aliens that he dotes on at every opportunity and doles on with the tax dollars that are overwhelmingly gained by taxing the working people of the country, give tacit approval to those who are quick to find fault with America.

Stemming from the recent tragedy of the shooting of the attendees of a church in South Carolina, an article by Lee Stranahan of report that a black woman named Sista Solove has picked up Obama’s message and is now calling for a “race war” to address “black anger.”

That sounds about as comforting as one of Obama’s claims of “togetherness” as in bringing the races together in harmony and peaceful coexistence that he brags so much about to the gullible national press. The only “togetherness” the good “sista” and POTUS want to share with white population of America is to see the 12 to 15 percent of black people in this country in control of ALL of the government, including the nearly 70 percent that comprise the white population.

What happens when you call 911 and no one answers?

That sort of discourse will settle few, if any, arguments about anything. It also is prone to lead to more negative actions, such as provocation of police to feel unjustly maligned concerning their duties that require them to deal with unsavory comments and conduct of their antagonists.

It also incites those who should be acting to calm matters in a conflagration into making egregious mistakes in judgment, such as the municipal leadership in Baltimore, Maryland, to erroneously chide the police procedures regarding quelling public disturbances. Police are ready to do their duty, but when their superior administrators offer no support the morale dips seriously and police are apt to move slowly if at all; and justifiably.

What happens when you call 911 and no one answers?


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