The Patriot Post® · What We Can Do Now to Save America

By Murray T. Bass ·

Last night I attended a Tea Party meeting. The speaker was an angry, well- informed woman who talked to the members about immigration problems and how things should be. She had some new information about the role of Mexican drug cartels in various aspects of immigration lawlessness.

What I heard, for the most part, was repeats of the things I have been hearing and opposing for the past three or four years. Defining the problem over and over again.

What struck my hot button was that there were no real direction or solutions offered. Just more of the “we should do this or that” depending on those politicians and bureaucrats who are the lawless ones. It will never happen.

So, what can we do? What must we do?

It is up to you and me. If you feel strongly about saving our country, form or join a group that feels as you do. My bet is that you have friends who feel as you do. There is strength in numbers, and courage as well. Have a program. A part of that program should be to have fun together. Whatever the group likes to do. Part of what I suggest is that the group should be “in the face” of legislators. Make examples of weak ones and show all the others what it is like to be the target of the will of the people. Then go to the next, and the next and the next. Help others form and organize in-the-face groups.

We have a lawless government. We have a right, or more accurately, according to the founding documents, a responsibility, not to comply with unconstitutional laws and regulations. To “throw off” tyrannical government.

The Constitutional Sheriffs Association can supply guidelines on what is or is not constitutional — lawful. Finding those laws and regulations that citizen action groups can systematically refuse to comply with. I believe that the starting point will be the right to own and bear arms. The Constitution has specific and irrefutable rights set forth in the Second Amendment.

A second area which individuals and groups can be most effective is avoiding giving business to any employer who employs illegals or does business with companies with illegal employees. Active American groups can have their member so research and develop lists of approved companies. When offending companies return to an all-American payroll, they will become suppliers to America again.

Yes, there are answers. And, those answers are centered in the public. More specifically, in you and me. We have to make it happen. If I seem to be repeating myself, it is only for emphasis. We need to avoid the traps of political correctness that are set for us all along the way.

It’s probably easier than you think. Using the rule of law as a yardstick for one dimension, and the Ten Commandments as another. We measure things as to whether they are right or wrong. Clarence Thomas’ grandfather said, “There is right and wrong in every situation and you must choose what is right.”

I have found it a good measure when looking at local politics. I have found choosing the right way to be very successful. Like telling the truth all the time, you don’t have to remember who you told the last lie to. As long as you stick with the truth you can come out on top. With what is right, you can hold the compromising politicians’ feet to the fire. So, find strength in numbers with other active Americans.

If you do this in force, you can usually win in he long run. Finally, think more in terms of ultimate rights rather than agenda rights. Our Declaration of Independence talks in terms of God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. God-given rights. Politically correct rights are man given, change, and always are given at the price of some God-given rights of others. Go with God. And make going with God and the rights he as given us a part of what you do. Your partner will guarantee that you will win.


First, pledge to be a part of saving America. Form or be a part of a group, large or small, of folks who believe as you do. Strength in numbers. Always find a way to have fun. Find a way to be in the face of the politicians every chance you get. Don’t let them forget you are there watching them. Don’t comply with illegal laws and regulations. Always do what is right, not what is politically correct. Use the constitutional Rule of Law and the Ten Commandments as your measuring sticks. Finally, ensure that each person retains the God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by opposing any movement that would stand in the way of those rights for any American.

See how easy that is — to know what to do. Facing the consequences dealt out by the lawless is another thing. Plan for it.