The Patriot Post® · The War of Liberal Aggression

By Timothy Davis ·

Things aren’t looking good in America right now. Liberals are waging a very effective, very selective, war against anything they deem “offensive.” Nothing is safe. Bo and Luke Duke are on the run, not from bumbling law enforcement buffoons, but from a whiny coterie of self-appointed public censors out to make sure that our children’s souls aren’t darkened by the image of the Confederate Battle Flag.

Meanwhile, in a different part of the world, ISIS is throwing homosexuals off of rooftops, slaughtering women and children, and committing acts of terror. So what makes hands wring and shrill cries emerge from the privileged seats on the left? That’s right, a battle flag from the 1800s. Liberals are too afraid to actually confront countries like China and Iran, or brutes like ISIS, but by God, they will confront a bunch of dead Confederate soldiers and some Southern folk waving a flag.

All across America, symbols of the Confederate States of America are being attacked and defiled. We are all forced to listen to windy ramblings from politicians who probably don’t even know during what year the American Civil War started (April 12th, 1861, for their information). But our moral superiors clearly know better than us common folk. They may not be able to balance a budget, protect freedom, or honor the American flag, but they know how to be offended!

Let’s be serious for a minute folks. The Confederate Battle Flag is just that, a flag. It is a not a symbol of racism, oppression, degradation, or another five-dollar word. It is what individual people view it to be. In and of itself, the flag is simply a piece of history, as is a statue of Robert E. Lee. Removing it will not change anything. Renaming a park to something less Confederate-y won’t change our history. If Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg 152 years ago come Friday was for the wrong cause, it was as sterling an example of American courage as any other. Erasing our history only harms future generations. Remember that quote we are all forced to memorize in school? “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." At what point should we just stop talking about the Confederacy?

Yes, some in the Confederacy wanted slavery. However, a vast majority of the people who fought in the war didn’t own slaves, and quite possibly didn’t care. They viewed it as a war against an over-reaching government that was morally corrupt and had no right to claim sanctity on this issue. Now, regardless of whether those men and women were right or wrong, it was the reality of the situation. We can’t simply forget it and move on. That’s not how it works.

On that note, if we are going to whitewash the American Civil War, what else should we forget? The Mexican-American war? The Trail of Tears? The internment of Japanese-Americans after WWII? The 60s? Our history isn’t perfect, and neither are we. We’ve made mistakes, we are making mistakes, and we will continue to make mistakes. That’s part of being human. However, we recognize our mistakes, we accept them for what they were, and we try to make sure we don’t repeat them. How can we remember our history if we aren’t even allowed to talk about it honestly and openly?

Will we condemn an entire piece of American history because of one person whose hate knew no limits and made national headlines? Are we really that utterly stupid?

If our moral superiors are going to erase the Confederate flag from TV, they better ban every single movie where the Swastika is shown. While they are at it, why not erase every single thing that could be offensive to anyone? Better yet, just ban TV, ban stores, and ban free speech, lest one person be offended!!

This has to end. What is this really all about? I’ll tell you.

It is a car with a Confederate Battle Flag painted on the roof. It isn’t a subliminal message telling our children to go forth and kill African-Americans. It’s a corny TV show about a bunch of good ‘ole boys and a pretty cool car doing impossible stunts. That’s it.

Or, in many Southern towns, it is a park honoring an utterly brilliant Confederate general. People do not bow down before the statue and pledge to commit genocide in his name. They go there to play and have fun.

It may be the almost-forgotten grave of a Confederate solider. He’s been dead for over 100 years. He won’t rise up and lead an army of white supremacists into the city to kill. Few even remember his name, and even fewer even remember where he’s buried. Let him rest in peace.

It’s a flag flying quietly above a city. It isn’t controlling people’s minds. It simply is a reminder of our past, and a proud heritage for many a Southerner.

It’s a part of America's history, so get over it.

Being offended is purely subjective. The same people telling Conservatives to not make fun of a 21st Century banner that looks like it came out of a Skittles factory are demanding that a different flag be banned because it offends their delicate senses. Too bad.

A spoon didn’t make you fat.

A gun didn’t make you a killer.

A flag didn’t make you a racist.

The past unpleasantness has become the current unpleasantness. Liberals are treating the South like it’s 1866 again. From their ivory towers, those who believe themselves to be superior are degrading an entire section of the country, all because they don’t like how they act, or because of what they believe in.

Who’s the real oppressor here?

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