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The Truth About the Presidential Eligibility of Ted Cruz

Adrien Nash · Jul. 14, 2015

Slartibartfast: “It doesn’t matter what you think or Canada thinks or your sky daddy thinks or Rafael thinks or his papa thinks or the SCOTUS thinks or any other stupid condition you’ve made up out of whole cloth, it just matters WHAT CUBA THINKS. If Cuba thought daddy Cruz was their citizen, then he was.”

Wow! You’ve dug a really deep hole with that one and then buried yourself in it. It surely does not matter what you think, or what SCOTUS thinks. (What? You really said that? Heresy! All Hail SCOTUS!)

The Cuban Constitution reveals that they have adopted entirely the American position of voluntary self-expatriation as an unalienable right. That is their embrace of the principle of freedom of identity and national association. So in your opium hallucinations, how do you misconstrue the Cruz application for asylum in the U.S. as anything other than a clear expression of self-expatriation?

But even aside from that, if you had more than three brain cells you would be cognizant of the fact that you cannot be “claimed” by any country in the world and have that claim recognized by the law of nations without a legitimate basis for it. Can North Korea claim your children as citizens if they happened to visit their soil? Is what they think all that matters?

By the law of nations Cruz senior was a man without citizenship because his Cuban citizenship ceased when his government and the nation that it formed vanished. A similar thing happened three thousand years ago when the volcanic island of Santorini exploded. The nation living on it, Thera, ceased to exist, physically. It’s citizens who survived while away were no longer its citizens because it didn’t exist. They were stateless.

If your non-existent wife vanished into thin air, could someone say you are still married to her? There is no more “her.” She no longer exists. Your marriage is over. You are single again. See that? That is what reality looks like. Same with nationality. That is the story regarding the Batista Cuba.

Its replacement had no authority over either father or son because Sr.‘s non-Cuban status pre-dated the existence of the Castro Communist government and its constitution. I’ll make it even clearer for you. Saddam Hussein’s army invaded Kuwait. The nation of Kuwait fled the country of Kuwait.

Did all of those former Kuwaiti citizens become citizens of the new Iraqi Kuwait? Since Cruz Sr. was not subject to a government that no longer existed, nor to one that came into being after he had fled, and to which he had no connection, obedience, loyalty, or allegiance, he was in fact a stateless person living in the U.S. as an asylum recipient. He therefore had no citizenship to contribute to his son when he was born, unless he was already a naturalized Canadian citizen.

Otherwise, their son only inherited the national membership of the mother by his blood connection to her as the only parent with a nationality that could naturally descend to their child. So instead of being a natural born citizen via two parents, he may have been one via only one, just as if his father was deceased or unknown when he was born.

Being stateless is effectively no different because no second nationality was inherited by the child. Birth location, and any gift of citizenship resulting from it, is and was irrelevant to natural national membership.

Common law (native-birth) citizenship is an artificial, border-determined national connection rooted in nothing more an a transient time-and-place event that no child in history has ever been capable of remembering or treasuring. It was just a remnant of a discarded system established for the benefit of British royal despots.

Whether or not Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen by common sense logic depends on whether or not his father had a nationality to pass to him by birth, a nationality which he inherited by his blood connection to a father with that nationality or national membership.

If his father did not become a naturalized Canadian citizen until after Ted was born, then his son did not inherit Canadian citizenship through him and was not born as a dual citizen by blood since his father would have been stateless.

But if he did what he did not do regarding U.S. citizenship, postponing it indefinitely almost, and he was a Canadian citizen when Ted was born, then Ted cannot be considered to be a natural born American citizen. But he can be recognized as being essentially the same as one, or better since having his father’s experience of tyranny in his background made him someone even more staunchly defensive of Liberty and the Constitution than 99% of natural born citizens, including you and I.

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