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The Tsunami of Political Corruption

Anton D. Rehling · Aug. 3, 2015

The tsunami of political corruption and tyranny has overtaken the liberty birthright of every American of every political stripe. The United States of America was founded upon individual freedom and responsibility with built-in protections designed to protect that freedom. The protections afforded, not granted, by the US Constitution were designed for a moral electorate who would faithfully execute their oaths of office to defend and protect our liberty granted by the Supreme God of the universe.

Today our elected are not honoring their oaths. The corruption, immorality and power hungry behavior of our elected has reached depths unseen in the annuals of USA history. Our elected, rather than faithfully executing their oath of office, have instead literally executed the oath itself and worked to seize a power known only to dictators and royalty, making the once free people of this nation subjugated to a power-drunk government elite that ignores their elected purpose.

The tax burden of this nation has grown beyond what the colonialist faced with the tyranny of King George the III. The train of abuses to the liberty of the people of the United States of America by our elected is so numerous that the freedom protected no longer exists and the abuses of power far exceed the tyranny of King George the III.

We the People are taxed and regulated for every single activity undertaken in the name of our safety and protection. All income, no matter the source, derived is seized at varying degrees of percentages decided by bureaucrats on how much of your income, sweat and earnings you will be allowed to keep. Our homes are no longer owed by the citizens. Even if the home is paid for completely, your ownership is dependent upon the benevolence of our all-powerful local, state and federal government hungry for ever increasing revenue streams they create to fund their benevolence. We are ordered by government dictates how to conduct our daily lives, how we will raise our children, how they will be educated; step out of government bureaucrat’s definition of normal and the government will seize your children. If you resist, you may be killed or imprisoned. Is this freedom?

Our speech is regulated to what is acceptable and our belief systems are attacked by government minions as hateful and outdated. Our love and belief in our God is demonized, we are persecuted for following our religious beliefs and traditions that have existed for thousands of years.

Where do we go from here? Into the night of freedom lost, or do we rebel and restore our liberty?

The price for either path will be great; the question is which path you will choose for your children and their children: liberty or slavery, citizen or subject?

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