The Patriot Post® · Out of the Closet

By William Stoecker ·

The closely allied twin death cults, leftism and Islam, have thrown caution and incrementalism to the winds and are out of the closet, revealing and even boasting of their true nature. Of course, to some of us that nature has long been obvious, and to the purblind true believers in the official lies, nothing will ever be obvious. At this point, anyone who still believes in either cult is pretty much beyond redemption.

The Left murdered hundreds of thousands during the French Revolution, and tens of millions under Hitler (Nazi is the acronym for National Socialist and there is no such thing as a right wing socialist), Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and the three-generation dynasty of fat princes in North Korea. Pol Pot killed off a substantial percentage of his own Cambodian people, and attempted (with some success) to exterminate everyone who showed any sign of intelligence or learning. The entire nation of North Korea has become a vast Auschwitz. Leftists have supported the “rights” of sexual perverts, supported abortion, opposed Christianity and Judeo-Christian morality, and wrecked one economy after another. They are obsessed with drastically reducing the human population of our planet, and every one of their programs, including abortion and the radical homosexual agenda, serve that purpose.

Islam was founded by a child rapist and mass murderer (no other religion can make such a claim); its “holy” Koran has always called for Jihad, mass murder, and the subjugation of women. One bloody religious war after another has been fought in the name of Islam; the Crusades were not an attempt by Christians to subjugate the poor, downtrodden Muslims, but to recapture some of the lands the Muslims had conquered. They had been driven out of France centuries before, and in the sixteenth century would advance into Europe as far as Vienna before being forced back. The first bloody genocide of the twentieth century was carried out by the Muslim Ottoman Turks against the Christian Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians. From 1915 until after WWI they killed between 800,000 and 1,500,000 human beings. Since then they have tried again and again to destroy Israel, and have been behind almost all the global terrorism since the nineteen sixties. They have been enabled by their leftist comrades, including Hitler and Stalin, and, to this day, by leftist Western governments. It has become clear to many of us that leftism and Islam appeal to people who long to do evil for the sake of evil and yet feel pious and righteous about it.

But now they have pulled out all the stops. Every day reveals some new madness by the regime of our King Hussein, some new absurdity in the name of political correctness. The IRS targets conservatives and stonewalls Congress when Congress makes a half-hearted attempt to investigate (or at least appear to investigate). Hussein and Hillary’s State Department leave our Libyan Ambassador in a vulnerable location, refuse to give him more protection when he asks for it, stop our military from sending help when the annex is attacked, blame the attack on an obscure video no one ever watched — and get away with it. Hillary revealed his location and movements in her easily hacked private emails, which could also be read by her Muslim girlfriend Huma Abedin. And she has, so far, got away with that as well. Leftists have gone from pretending to protect perverts from violence (most of it imaginary, save for that inflicted by other perverts) to celebrating “gay marriage” and punishing all those who dare not to celebrate with them. Every shooting at a gun-free zone prompts the Left to call for making the entire country a gun-free zone. Abortion was allegedly legalized to make it rare and safe, but has become commonplace and dangerous, and now the cackling witches at Planned “Parenthood” openly butcher recognizably human babies and sell their parts for profit. Anyone not outraged by all of this has no soul and does not deserve membership in the Human Race.

As if the prior atrocities committed in the name of Islam were not enough, ISIS has gone hog wild, butchering Christians, Shiite Muslims, and even other Sunni Muslims (they weren’t quite “holy” enough). They have shot prisoners, sawed their heads off, beheaded children, crucified people, burned them alive, and buried them alive. They have gouged out people’s eyes, mutilated their genitals, and thrown acid in their faces. Anyone who still is an apologist for them is willfully blind.

Until recently, leading Republicans at least pretended to be patriot conservatives. But, led by the likes of Boehner and McConnell, they have raised the debt limit again and again, funded King Hussein’s healthcare program, funded his amnesty program, funded Planned “Parenthood,” and approved Lynch Law at the Department of Injustice. They approved the TPP and are attempting to resurrect the Export-Import Bank.

But more and more people are wising up to all of this. People who used to be conventional Republicans, people like Joseph Farah, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, David Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, are no longer making excuses for the RINO leadership. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump have openly denounced the Republican leadership; this is unprecedented. And the latest Muslim atrocities and revelations from Planned “Parenthood” are causing real outrage on a scale not previously seen.

Those of us who are more or less awake and aware and who still have a moral compass may always be a minority, albeit a large and growing minority. But our Marxist enemies have taught us that revolutions are successfully waged by dedicated minorities — and sheer desperation is making some of us pretty dedicated. Our glorious leaders have failed in their attempts to disarm us; more Americans than ever before are armed — and fighting mad. None of us want a civil war, but twenty or thirty million armed patriots outnumber all the forces the elites can put in the field, and their technology has been of little use in Afghanistan, so why would it work any better in the US? God help us if it happens, but, like the man said, “If they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”