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What if Impeachment Is Not Done?

Larry Reams · Aug. 4, 2015

Recently I wrote about the Impeachment of Obama, why it is necessary and the precedent that is being set by not doing so.

Essentially we threw the Constitution aside in late 2008 and allowed an unconstitutionally qualified candidate to win the election. That set the precedent that it was OK to do that and now we have three more candidates trying to do the same thing. By allowing Obama into the Oval Office all manner of evil has befallen our republic. There is a lengthy list in that article.

By not following the Constitution, by not holding our elected officials accountable to their oaths of office, the president and all members of Congress are guilty of a felony — misprision of treason. So, if America cannot find one congressman with the courage to submit Articles of Impeachment on Obama and he is allowed to do as he pleases for the next 18 months, what additional evil and damage is possible to our republic?

  • Ruth Bader-Ginsburg retires from the Supreme Court and Eric Holder is nominated and confirmed as her replacement. He’s black and the Senate will rubber stamp it.

  • Puppet generals in the Pentagon continue to carry Obama’s water bucket and further decimate the world’s premier armed forces.

  • Iran covertly continues to develop nuclear weapons and threatens the US and Israel. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt start a nuke program in self-defense. There is no “safe” place in the Middle East.

  • ISIS continues to grow, China continues to hack our government computers, John Kerry continues as an inept secretary of state, and Valarie Jarrett continues to “advise” Obama.

  • Russia and China see our weakness in leadership and military strength and use it to further their goal of expansion and domination. The US essentially has no allies. When does WWIII begin?

  • The illegal alien invasion continues, illegals continue to receive taxpayer money, they vote, and the DNC progressive party continues to expand. No serious effort is made to stop sanctuary cities.

  • Our national debt rises to $21,000,000,000,000 or more, our economy collapses, the unemployment roles top 30%, banks close, and civil disturbance is the rule, not the exception, all across the country.

  • Obama continues to divide the country along racial lines resulting in a ten-fold increase in incidents of black-on-white crime, and charges against the police of being racists. Ferguson and Baltimore many times over.

  • The Congress and the Courts continue to redefine common terms and words to fit their agenda.

  • More massive regulation to infringe on our liberty and stifle the economy.

  • More incidents of “workplace violence” and “isolated cases of extremism.”

  • Elected officials begin to “disappear,” and the Secret Service triples in size so as to protect El Presidente.

  • Progressivism, socialism, communism and Marxism continue to grow as does corporate cronyism and government corruption and the media continues to facilitate it.

  • Obama continues to gloat about how good he is and how great is his legacy. Mount Rushmore looks more appealing to him every day.

  • Nero fiddles while Rome burns.

Not a pretty picture and I’m sure other devastating events will also take place beyond our imagination. With climate change being the greatest threat to America according to BHO, anything is possible. In our politically correct world, unable to distinguish fact from fiction, and unable to judge on character, qualification, integrity and honor but rather on persona and other factors irrelevant to the issue, what if Hillary Clinton wins in 2016? There has never been a more corrupt, evil, lying, dishonest politician. Will America ignore that evidence as it did the many communist associations and other irregularities of Barack Obama’s past? But, she’s a woman. Another first for America. Give her space; don’t be too critical. We go from bad to worse if that’s possible. All manner of high crimes and misdemeanors comes from her administration, but because we didn’t impeach Obama we can’t impeach Clinton. Can’t have a “war on women.” We set a precedent by not doing our constitutional duty the first go-around and it just gets worse. It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing we just can’t seem to find elected officials who’ll follow that policy. Will we learn before or after we become a third world banana republic?

The last person you want in the Oval Office during a war or depression is a Democrat. Victory in war and letting the free market work without massive government interference is just not part of their DNA. The chances of both, depression followed by war, over the next 18 months is significant. While impeaching Obama wouldn’t change that as Biden would be no better, it does send the message that we will hold them accountable and may steer voters away from the communist side of the isle. Maybe 2016 would see a Republican presidency take office — conservative, not a RINO. Not impeaching Obama sends a different message. Nothing changes and increases the chances of an Obama third term with Hillary. Can America afford that?

(Mr. Reams is a Christian, senior citizen, family man, veteran, conservative and retired small business owner.;

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