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Too Late for Democracy

William Stoecker · Aug. 31, 2015

First, let’s be clear on one thing: The U.S. has never been a democracy, nor was it intended to be one. The Founding Fathers understood that democracy soon degenerates into mob rule, with majorities persecuting minorities and voting themselves benefits until the economy collapses, whereupon a dictator will always arise. The U.S. was intended to be a republic, with the power of government restricted by a written constitution to protect the inalienable, God-given rights of the people. The Fathers also understood that only an informed, energetic, and, above all, a moral people could maintain a republic. And, sure enough, as we have become lazy, ignorant, and immoral, we have lost our former Republic. We now have a corrupt fascist dictator, or, rather, a front man for an oligarchy. But even if by some miracle our “democracy,” our representative Republic, was restored, we have degenerated too far for it to work. Our problems with debt and the economy, immigration, racial hatred and identity politics are too great.

Suppose by some miracle we survive as a nation until after the 2016 elections, that somehow we avoid economic collapse and multi-sided race war, and don’t blunder into a nuclear holocaust. Suppose, due to yet another miracle, the Islamist monster in the Rainbow House does not simply cancel the elections due to economic problems or terrorist acts (real or false flag) or whatever excuse it can invent. Suppose, miraculously, the RINOs fail to nominate the Court Jebster, and Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, or Donald Trump is nominated. Suppose that the nominee is not assassinated, and is actually elected despite the votes of all those dead illegal aliens. And suppose — wonder of wonders — that the new president governs wisely and well and makes every effort to seal our borders, remove the invaders, stop the Islamists whom King Hussein and its predecessors have invited in, and drastically cut spending.

It will still be too little too late. Economically and socially we are a basket case, and the majority of the people are so dumbed down, indoctrinated, and morally degraded that large numbers of them would oppose any true reform. Just watch the tapes of Mark Dice in San Diego interviewing idiots who want to destroy what little freedom (or the illusion of such) that we still have. Listen to Fox News’ Jessie Waters interviewing people who don’t even know what happened on July fourth, who George Washington was, or even know what state they live in. The indoctrination centers known as “schools” have done their job all too well. Look at the polls: in 2015, per the Field Poll, 62% of Californians still love the insane boondoggle known as the “Affordable Care Act.” Among Latinos, this rises to 71%, and 79% of California’s Blacks are still true believers (in anything but the truth). Even outside the People’s Republic of California, in the nation as a whole, as of 8/26/15, some 47% of likely voters still approve of King Hussein’s job performance. All right, the polls are about as rigged as anything else, but the lie can only go so far — clearly a large minority of Americans are terminal Koolade addicts. Nationwide, supposedly 31% approved of Obamacare on 11/20/13. A CNN/ORC poll shows that as of 8/19/15 a staggering 47% of the sheeple still approve of Hillary Clinton. A 5/10/15 Gallup poll claims that 29% are so degraded that they support all abortion, with no limitations; today that number will have decreased, and it is true that the controlled media are still covering up the truth, but if even 15% or 20% of our citizens think it is acceptable to extract a living fetus and butcher her, don’t expect God to bestow any miracles on us. A 2015 Gallup poll claims that 40% of the useful idiots think present levels of invasion (I’m sorry; I meant to say “immigration”) are acceptable, and 25% want even more immigration. A Reuters/Ipsos poll on 8/26/15 claims that 54% of our fellow citizens want to continue taxpayer funding of Planned “Parenthood.”

So a president trying to save our economy and society and restore our Republic would face massive opposition, including widespread acts of violence by the usual suspects. And it would be organized, and funded by the likes of George Sauron. Latino activists would oppose any limits on legal or illegal immigration, and, as always, would pretend that the Fourteenth Amendment allows anchor babies to become citizens and that any opposition to their agenda is “racism.” Any attempt to control the Muslim fifth columnists in our midst would also be opposed by their leftist comrades, or any attempt to cut welfare spending or address the growing problem of Black racist violence. And the activist courts would oppose any reform.

Only a benevolent dictator can save us from utter ruin, a man not afraid to round up all the aliens and Muslims and deport them, a man not afraid to slash spending and eliminate a good many federal agencies, starting with the EPA. Only such a man could put the federal goon squads to good use for once, sending them in the next time the inner city Blacks riot, with orders to shoot to kill. Only such a leader would get us out of NATO and the UN, bring our troops home from all our undeclared (and hence illegal) wars, and phase out all foreign aid. Only a dictator can eliminate the unspeakably vile Federal Reserve.

But no such leader appears to be available, unless the “former” leftist Trump can be trusted. And, while history has examples of truly benevolent kings and dictators, all too often, as Lord Acton pointed out, power corrupts and the cure becomes worse than the disease.

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