The Patriot Post® · The Death of a Thousand Cuts

By William Stoecker ·

Let’s say that we avoid a nuclear holocaust. And no one detonates a nuclear EMP burst high above the US and knocks out our electrical grid, all communications, and the pumping of water, oil, and gas, and the distribution of food, and no natural solar flare or coronal mass ejection does the same. Let’s assume that, by some miracle, we avoid total economic collapse brought on by our colossal debt, and a multi-sided race war caused by uncontrolled immigration and the attempts by our current regime to stir up Black hatred for everyone else. Let’s pretend that our King Hussein (Obama) and his henchmen are not planning on a gun grab and the mass arrests of everyone to the right of Karl Marx. There’s still the little problem of the fifth column brought here by our glorious leaders of both supposedly separate parties.

In 1993 Islamic terrorists brought in by our leaders bombed the World Trade Center the first time, even though the FBI knew of the plan in advance. Our government’s clever response to that was to import tens of thousands more believers in the “religion of peace,” who showed their gratitude (if our media and government are to be believed) by bringing down both WTC towers, and Building Seven as well, and blew a hole in the Pentagon sixty years to the day after its construction began, using a plane that completely vaporized and vanished. Since then, there have been any number of shootings, bombings, and attempted bombings by Muslims in the US, as our elites have imported more and more of these charming people. The Beltway snipers come to mind, although they were also motivated by Black racism, and the Boston Marathon bombing (or whatever it was that really happened that day). More recently there have been numerous forest fires of unknown origin. Fiber optic cables in Livermore, CA were cut by persons unknown, and equally unknown saboteurs used rifle fire to knock out a major transformer, also in California. The Livermore incident was but the latest in 14 such attacks.

And yet the madness continues, and the evidence that our King is himself a Muslim mounts, though we do not have absolute proof. “Our” government allowed 117,423 Muslims to enter the US as residents in 2013 alone; between 2001 and 2013 one and a half million were allowed to come here — and 91% are on food stamps. Hussein has announced that he wants to bring in 10,000 Muslim “refugees” next year, or is it 20,000? The numbers keep changing, and at one point Hussein said he would like to admit 280,276 legally each year. God only knows how Hussein and his lackeys came up with such a nice, round number. This is on top of the ones already here, and those who slip across our largely unguarded southern border. Europe is being invaded, overrun, and destroyed, and if Hussein has his way we are next. This may well herald the final end of Western Civilization.

Islam is the only major religion on Earth founded by a child rapist and mass murderer. It is the only one continually at war with all the others. When the Moslems conquered much of India, they murdered tens of millions of people, and, after the conquest was completed the Moslem Mogul Emperor Tamurlane conquered vast areas of central and western Asia, murdering millions more and piling up pyramids of human skulls. Muslims pioneered the Black slave trade in Africa, and also captured over a million European slaves; most died within a few years from overwork and ill treatment. And the Muslims were just getting warmed up; in modern times they have been behind the first genocide of the twentieth century, when the Turks murdered over a million Christian Armenians, Greeks, and others. Since then they have been responsible for almost all the terrorism in the world, when they are not busy murdering their own daughters, or assembling in huge mobs jumping up and down for hours, waving their hands in the air and screaming out their hatred for Jews, Christians, each other, and, apparently, every living thing on the planet. Like I said, they are a charming lot.

Time after time leftists chant their mantra: “Only a small proportion of Muslims are terrorists.” That may be true, but the fact is that the overwhelming majority of them either actively support Islamic terrorism or at least condone it. If, out of 100,000 “refugees,” a small portion of all the Muslims in America, only one percent, a thousand, are active terrorists, the damage they can do is mind boggling. Consider the attacks on fiber optics and transformers and imagine that happening continually all over. Even without a nuclear EMP, the Islamists in our midst can shut down large portions of our communications and our electrical grid. Imagine forest fires set all over (it may already be happening) and widespread arson in urban areas, overwhelming our firefighters (especially if water is not being pumped because the grid is down). Imagine dams being blown, and deadly poisons put in our reservoirs. Think of oil and gas pipelines being sabotaged. I’m not afraid of giving these monsters ideas; rest assured that they have already thought of all this — and probably much more.

If King Hussein has his way, America will be virtually destroyed. But based on all its actions to date, perhaps that was the plan all along.