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No More Doubt

Michael Oberndorf · Oct. 9, 2015

If there were any conservatives out there who were still in doubt about the Republican Party Misleadership’s war on conservatives, a doubtful thing in itself, the dog-and-pony show being put on to replace John Boehner (D-Ohio) as Speaker of the House should have eliminated said doubts once and for all. This farce has been, without a doubt, one of the most pathetic displays of “the voters be damned” politics seen since they approved ObozoCare. If it were a 1950’s TV show, doubtless it would have been called Worn Out Hacks on Parade. More of “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Revolution is over, but so as not to inconvenience anyone, nothing has been changed.”

And while the American public is distracted by this comedia del artless, and breathlessly wondering who’s ahead in phony polls for elections that won’t happen for months, the Russians are moving into the Middle East like the Nazis into Poland. They are rapidly filling the void created — by total incompetence or by intention, or by both — as a result of the “policies” of Obozo and the far left, Council on Foreign Relations-dominated State of Disarray Department. With Obozo and John Kerry — two unindicted traitors — in charge, America is no longer a factor that any of the Muslim players there take seriously anymore, nor do our erstwhile allies. With Iran now funded to the tune of $157 billion, Obozo and Kerry can look forward to better trained and armed lsamic terrorists, worldwide, and nuclear weapons they will, without a shadow of a doubt, use on Israel and America, a.k.a. The Great Satan. They already have the technology, the infrastructure, and, do not doubt it, the fanatic jihadist will launch an EMP attack on us. All they need is a bomb, and it doesn’t even have to work all that well. While thanking Obozo and Kerry for this, you will no doubt wish to profusely thank the Democrats and the Establishment RINOs who voted with them to approve this suicidal deal.

In the meantime, while the press covers John Kasich (D-Ohio) babbling about how he will institute every odious Democrat outrage when he’s elected president, though you are doubtless wondering of what country, China is getting ready to join Russia in sending its military into Syria. I doubt you would have trouble viewing this as a giant step closer to WWIII, but the crickets on Capitol Hill are chirping louder than ever.

Speaking of China, they have started rapidly unloading a ton of US debt, undoubtedly in anticipation of pulling the economic rug out from under us. So have Russia and Brazil, and in spite of the deluge of lies from the Obozo administration over the past six years, repeated in spades by the Democrat Propaganda Machine, a.k.a. the “mainstream” media, word is leaking out that the financial gurus are talking recession again (more like still, but escalated). And the International Monetary Fund is warning of a global collapse brought on by “over-borrowing” by globalist fascist corporations to the tune of $3,000,000,000.00, and a couple of other factors. It seems it’s very possible that another global collapse is in the making. Yet our so-called representatives in Congress, i.e. the Marxist Democrats and the fascist Establishment RINOs, are getting set to raise our $17,000,000,000.00 debt “ceiling” even higher. Boehner, who, by the by, is in the process of reneging on his promise to quit, will no doubt do what he’s done with every previous attempt to raise the amount of our economy/nation-killing national debt — dither and cave. And I have no doubt whatsoever that Mitch McConnell will praise him to the skies for doing it. Heavy, disastrous stuff, folks, but obviously not as important as Huma and Homely…er…Chelsea Clinton, cat fighting over who will be “First Lady” when Hillary gets out of jail.

So instead of finding genuine solutions to these and myriad other problems, mostly created by Obozo, the Marxist Democrats and the running-dog Establishment Republicans, the GOP is spending its time in-fighting and bad-mouthing each other, bringing joy, rapture and bliss to the Propaganda Machine, Democrats and the morons who support them. Can there really be any doubt about why Trump, Carson and Cruz are so popular among We the People who, by the by again, are a solid majority? And can there really be any doubt that if any one of the three wins the Republican nomination, We the People can overwhelmingly vote them into office? While I have no doubts whatsoever that both the Republican Establishment and the Party of Marx will try to commit massive voter fraud, I also have no doubts whatsoever that if We the People get involved as election judges and poll workers and watchers, we can and will win, and return America to greatness. No doubts whatsoever!

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