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White House Agenda Turns U.S. on Its Head

Leigh Bravo · Oct. 27, 2015

Finally, common sense floats to the top. FBI Director James Comey speaks out about the “Ferguson Effect.” Are we seeing an increase in crime across the country as a result of the after effects of Ferguson, Baltimore and other cities where police have been thrown under the bus driven by activists and politicians supporting the “Black Lives Matter” movement? To date, we have seen a 20% increase in violent crimes across the country. “The question that has been asked of me, is whether these kinds of things are changing police behavior all over the country,” Comey said during a speech at the University of Chicago Law School.

“And the answer is, I don’t know. I don’t know whether this explains it entirely, but I do have a strong sense that some part of the explanation is a chill wind blowing through American law enforcement over the last year. And that wind is surely changing behavior.

"We can’t lose sight of the fact that there really are bad people standing on the street with guns. The young men dying on street corners all across this country are not committing suicide or being shot by the cops. They are being killed, police chiefs tell me, by other young men with guns.”

In New York, a protest was under way and attended by Quentin Tarantino, a Hollywood director, who has made a living off of representing horrific violence and murder in his films. Tarantino stood before the crowd and said, “I’m a human being with a conscience,” and if you believe there’s murder going on, then you need to rise up and stand up against it. I’m here to say I’m on the side of the murdered. When I see murders, I do not stand by … I have to call a murder a murder and I have to call the murderers the murderers.“

Tarantino stood before the crowd and defended the actions of Michael Brown, claiming he was unfairly attacked and killed by police officer, Darin Wilson. "Michael Brown Jr., an 18-year-old black teenager, was walking to his grandmother’s house and was stopped and harassed by Darin Wilson a Ferguson cop. After being shot once Michael tried to run away. He was shot a total of 6 times including twice in the head.”

These statements were made even though, after a grand jury hearing, we all now know that Michael Brown was the instigator in the attack on Darin Wilson.

Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, made the following remarks regarding the statements made by Tarantino:

“The police officers that Quentin Tarantino calls ‘murderers’ aren’t living in one of his depraved big-screen fantasies — they’re risking and sometimes sacrificing their lives to protect communities from real crime and mayhem.  New Yorkers need to send a message to this purveyor of degeneracy that he has no business coming to our city to peddle his slanderous ‘Cop Fiction’. It’s time for a boycott of Quentin Tarantino’s films.”

What are the facts about police shootings? There are 630,000 active law enforcement officers and in 2014 there were 560 people killed by officers. Of those killed, 268 were whites, 142 were blacks and 90 were Hispanics. Yet, even with these statistics, the Obama administration continues to further the “Black Lives Matters” movement.

President Obama insisted in July that the mass incarceration of drug dealers disproportionately affects minorities. He believes that government is targeting blacks in drug investigations. As a result, he has been pushing more lenient sentences and the release of drug offenders he feels are non violent. As a result of this new policy, Tyrone Howard, a drug dealer, who had 28 arrests on his rap sheet, was released and placed into rehabilitation instead of prison and subsequently shot and killed a police officer, Randolph Holder.

In response to Obama’s new policies on incarcerating drug dealers, FBI Director, Comey said, “Each drug dealer, each mugger, each killer, and each felon with a gun had his own lawyer, his own case, his own time before judge and jury, his own sentencing, and, in many cases, an appeal or other post-sentencing review. There were thousands and thousands of those individual cases, but to speak of ‘mass incarceration’ I believe is confusing, and it distorts an important reality.”

The facts are that fewer than 1 % of drug convicts have been convicted of simple drug possession. Racially, 48% of all drug offenders in federal prisons are Latinos, 27% are black and 22% are white. According to the Bureau of Justice Stastics, a study revealed that 68% of the prisoners released in 30 states in 2005 were re-arrested for new crimes within 3 years of being released and 77% were arrested within 5 years.

The Obama administration as well as Democrats have also shown support for sanctuary cities around the United States. These cities receive federal funding, and actually provide safe havens for illegal criminals. The most notable case, Kathryn Steinle, was shot and killed by an illegal alien who had been deported from the county and returned 6 times. As a result of her murder, Bill O'Reilly pushed for the passage of "Kate’s Law,“ which would impose a mandatory five-year prison sentence on illegal felons caught trying to re-enter the U.S. after being deported. A reasonable law in the eyes of most American citizens, yet voted down by Senate Democrats. The same Democrats refused to pull funding from cities that offer safe havens for illegal felons. American citizens are not only forced to live in cities where these felons walk freely, but taxpayer dollars are used to house, educate and insure them as well.

What has happened to the United States under the Obama administration? We are now harboring and protecting criminals and putting our law-abiding citizens at risk everyday. We support radical protestors who destroy property and cities while pointing the finger of blame at the very men and women in blue who we demand protect us daily. We continue to see the political elite break our laws yet suffer no consequences while the people are held to task. We continue to place in office, those who refuse to stand up and protect the very people who they are placed in office to represent. We can no longer look the other way while our country is turned on its head!

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