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Let Those Who 'Brung-'Em' Pay

L.E. Brown · Oct. 28, 2015

Donald Trump is probably not brainy, as defined by intellectuals from Harvard and Yale universities, but no doubt he is smart in finding a way to get things done, or smart enough to listen to ideas from those he employs.

(Remember that, top-notch university grads and elite; intellectual mainstream media commentators are able to look out the windows of tall buildings and tell the public what all Americans are thinking.)

But I digress.

It is astonishing that Trump — given his background and his brain trust — hasn’t come up with an answer as to how to pay to deport the twelve million or so immigrants illegally in the U.S.

I can’t speak for other states, but it would be easy in North Carolina, and likely would be in other states. The plan would pay for all deportations and resettlement, with some left to disperse among taxpayers.

Simply put, the plan is to, by legislative or executive action, make those responsible for importing the millions of illegal immigrants to the U.S. and made it possible for them to stay, illegally, pay their deportation costs.

For decades North Carolina has slickened the path for illegal immigrants to come to and reside in the state. It would be fitting for the state and its industries, large and small, to pioneer and pay for their return.

It is the only way to reach out and and drag compensation from those who made millions exploiting these immigrants.

(There is probably no way to wrench from the hands anything of a financial nature from politicians who benefited through campaign contributions from those exploiting immigrants, but voters could oust them from public office and force them to get an honest job.)

Remember, when industry lords and individuals exploited illegal immigrants, they also exploited taxpayers, aided and abetted by bureaucrats and lawmakers.

Included in those luring poor immigrants to North Carolina were state and local governments and agriculture, construction and health care provider industries. Agriculture probably led the way in providing employment, followed by construction companies, small and large. They were also leaders in providing jobs for them.

It should be no problem for governments and industries, aided by the U.S. Justice Department, to document where and how many days each illegal immigrant was employed.

Using that data, each entity can assess its share of the cost of returning illegal immigrants.

It is important that deportations include resettlements in immigrants’ native land. If necessary, representatives from each industry, religious organization or individual who benefited from illegal immigration should be required to accompany immigrants back home and see that they are ensconced in a living abode, at least one step above their living quarters in the U.S.

Trump has been accused of “shaking up” the Republican establishment.

Wonder what would happen if he were to put forth the above plan during tonight’s Republican primary debate?

L.E. Brown is an independent columnist based in Magnolia, N.C. Contact him at [email protected]

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