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The Not-So-Loveable Liberals

William Stoecker · Nov. 16, 2015

Hard left radicals and obvious communists, people like Saul Alinsky or the pampered idiots at what pass for universities these days, are pretty hateful people. They make no real effort to hide their contempt for the rest of us, and their true agenda (global fascism, even feudalism) is no longer a secret. But what of those ever-so-loveable liberals, those people who live on our street, work alongside us at the factory, store, or office, and are on the machines next to us at the health club? Many of them are at least superficially pleasant (as long as you don’t openly disagree with them), and some will even courteously debate you when you do disagree. Many are loyal to spouses, parents, and friends; most make more or less honest livings (if you count bureaucrat and school “teacher” as honest livings); many are generous even with their own money, and kind to animals and small children. And for those of us living in places like the People’s Republic of California, we would have few friends indeed if we didn’t make every effort to get along with the liberals. Of course, to be technical about it, they are statists and we Constitutionalists are the true liberals. But the left has perverted and subverted even our language.

And they are more foolish than evil. I have pointed out before that they tend to be symbol oriented, and, hence, are easily swayed by propaganda and repeatedly shouted slogans. I have noted that they are vain and pretentious and imagine themselves to be great intellectuals. They are obedient to authority (while imagining themselves to be bold, daring rebels) and completely conformist. Except for the vanity, none of these traits are necessarily sinful.

But leftists have an uncanny attraction to evil. They are the people who promptly forget the victims’ names but hold candlelight vigils, their tears glistening softy, when a serial killer is finally sent to his reward in the next world. They are the ones who simply adore Muslims who preach (and practice) hatred, bigotry, cruelty, and the real oppression of women. They are the ones who care deeply about illegal aliens, but not about American workers who have lost their jobs to immigrants. They adore sexual perverts and the growing alphabetical zoo of self-mutilators. And, increasingly, like their more radical comrades, they are expressing real hatred for those of us who actually have our eyes and our minds open. To a large degree this is due to their blind conformity and obedience to a truly evil ruling elite. But perhaps they are not quite as innocent as they seem. After all, all of us are responsible for what we do and for what we fail to do, what we say and what we fail to say, and for what we become and for what we fail to become. Perhaps it is time to hold liberals, who have enabled evil forces to virtually take over the world, responsible.

Polls show that, as of 11/12/15, 47% of likely voters still support Hussein. Polls are not always reliable, and often show people as more leftist than they really are. But look at the pattern. A 9/30/14 Zogby poll shows 27% of Americans still think favorably of Muslims. As of 3/9/15, 45% approve of Hillary Clinton. As of 4/21/15, 43% still believed in King Hussein’s “health care” plan; by 11/12/15 that had dropped to 37%. As of 8/20/15, 54% still supported Planned Parenthood; even after pollsters described the damning videos that were in the news recently, that only dropped to 34%. Taking these with a grain of salt, it still appears that perhaps a third or more of the population are so degraded and willfully blind that they essentially worship evil.

Up to a point, I can at least understand why liberals believe the things they do, even when I disagree with them. I share their mistrust of billionaire banksters and corporate CEOs, but not their naïve belief that government can be trusted to curtail the power of these people who pretty much own the government. I love wilderness and wildlife as much as any environmentalist, but I love my fellow human beings even more and believe that their needs should be considered first. I am pretty much opposed to all abortion, but I can understand why liberals think that abortion in the first few weeks of pregnancy is acceptable; the fetus still lacks a recognizably human appearance. But all too many liberals support abortion with no limits, and support government funding for Planned Parenthood. True, most have never seen the videos exposing the greedy eugenicists; the mainstream media covered it up and most liberals carefully avoid the alternative media outlets. Not all mainstream liberals support late term abortion, but many do, and all support politicians who continue funding Planned Parenthood. If they refuse to look at the videos, whose fault is that? And there is no excuse whatever for abetting child murder.

Some liberals to this day still worship our King Hussein. What part of bailouts to the rich and powerful do they not understand? Even the slimestream media reported the basic facts of Fast and Furious, that Hussein’s henchmen arranged the sale of weapons to Mexican drug cartels. Have they not noticed that their messiah lied about his “health care” plan? And they continue to support virtually unlimited immigration, a clear indication of true madness. They continue to excuse the unbroken chain of atrocities committed by Muslims, crimes, again, usually reported even by the controlled media. They continue to worship Lady Macbeth (a.k.a. Queen Reptile, a.k.a. Hillary), a bug-eyed witch whose attempts to mimic human expressions are always overdone. She was “co-president” when her husband sent the FBI and BATF to burn some 20 children and 60 adults to death at Waco. She attacked the “bimbos” whom Bill had seduced or even raped — but liberals believe that Republicans are waging a “war against women.” She deliberately left four Americans to die in Benghazi, violated State Department security regulations, destroyed evidence, and repeatedly lied about it. She could literally torture a child to death in front of a live audience of useful idiots and the fools would still worship her.

If you are on a lifeboat and an otherwise nice, decent fellow passenger continually tries to knock holes in it, how long before you feed her to the sharks? As the monster in the Rainbow House prepares to import yet greater hordes of hate-mongering Muslims into our late, great Republic, those loveable liberals have become a luxury we can no longer afford. It is time they were held accountable.

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