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God Isn't Fixing This? It's Terrorism, Stupid!

Leigh Bravo · Dec. 3, 2015

Yesterday, a tragic event unfolded in San Bernadino, California, when two gunmen attacked and killed 14 people, injuring 17. Police were on the scene in minutes from the moment the carnage began. Meanwhile, our president, Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and other Democrats were not praying for the victims or the police, but were busy playing the blame game, placing the responsibility of the mass shooting at the feet of the NRA and gun control.

The New York Daily News chose to bear the headline, “God Isn’t Fixing This.”

Next to the outrageous headline are photos of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham with snapshots of their tweets of condolences. The headline goes one step further, obviously oblivious to the pain of the families and friends of the victims by saying, “As latest batch of innocent Americans are left lying in pools of blood, cowards who could truly end gun scourge continue to hide behind meaningless platitudes.”

We have since learned that the two individuals responsible for the attacks were a Muslim husband and wife, fully suited up in armor, masks and go pro equipment, carrying hand guns and assault rifles. Explosives were found in their SUV as well as the Inland Regional Center complex. Investigators also found multiple pipe bombs and explosives strapped to remote controlled cars in a house in Redlands associated with the attack. Although motives have not been definitively determined, the facts surrounding the case would demand that terrorism may be the culprit.

In the midst of this tragedy, the American people and others around the world are perplexed and dumbfounded that our fearless leader, Bernie Sanders and a majority amount of Democrats have concluded that climate change is the prime reason for terrorist attacks around the globe and currently remains the largest threat to the national security of the United States.

While Obama insists Turkey seal off its border with Syria, Turkey has pointed out that Washington has not been able to seal the U.S.-Mexico border. Turkey is supporting a safe zone in Syria, which Obama has rejected. Meanwhile, a senior U.S. official replying to Turkey’s comment about Mexico said, “They need to step up their game when it comes to this and they can’t necessarily look to us to fortify their border for them, Paris is a wake-up call to them that this is a problem they don’t have under control.”

President Obama and his administration have no problems pointing out the failures of leaders on the front lines actually fighting terrorism while completely ignoring the same issues here at home. Americans would like our president to be serious about Islamic terrorism and our own sovereignty by securing our borders against those who are freely entering to do us harm.

Why is President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders so determined to ignore radical Islamic terrorism? While our government ignores obvious threats and demand that Americans are disarmed, concealed carry permits and guns are flying off the shelves. Americans are aware that they may have to protect themselves against lone wolf Islamic threats because our government refuses to even recognize the problem. The world is under attack and our Democratic leaders are busy watching the weather.

God isn’t fixing this? It’s terrorism stupid!

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